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5 Of The Best Re:Creators Anime Quotes You Can Learn From

Re Creators characters mentioned in this post:

  • Rui Kanoya.
  • Alicetaria February.
  • Meteora Österreich.
  • Mamika Kirameki.

Here are 5 life lessons you can learn from each ReCreators quote!

Rui Kanoya Quotes #1

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From 5 Re:Creators Quotes

“Sota, create the things only you can create. Instead of crying about the past, it’s better to create. It’s more constructive, right?” – Rui Kanoya

The past always hurts, because pain in life is something that we can’t avoid, but we can decide what to do and where to go with or without pain, with or without those sad memories.

At the start of each day we are given the chance to advance a little, to create something for our lives.

Let’s take it and embrace everything we have lived, so we can build our future.


Rui Kanoya Quotes #2

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From 5 Re:Creators Quotes

“I understand that this is a compicated world. I know that this isn’t a world where everything you wish will come true. But characters like me from stories, our purposes have already been decided and we can’t escape them. Unlike us, you guys can decide where you go by yourself. It might not be easy but you can choose it and create it for yourself. You can write your own story just for yourself.” – Rui Kanoya

If there is a super power that every person has, it’s the power of choice.

To decide what to do with our lives on each step we walk.

Stories are reflection of human life, a myth is nothing but normal things told in an epic and fantastic way, life lessons with monsters and dragons.

Every life is a story, you my friend, while reading this, you are a part of a story.

You are the hero, an awesome hero, because you can decide what you want on the next page in the book of your life.


Alicetaria February Quotes #3

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From 5 Re:Creators Quotes

In this world, I met a boy who read my story, the one you created. My hellish world is an unhappy story, but it teaches people in this world about strength, courage, and how justice should be served. That’s what he told me.” – Alicetaria February

Stories are mainly understood as a medium for entertainment, this is not wrong but it’s just a part of it.

Stories are an ancient way we humans have to communicate,

it’s a medium to create a channel for communication, to transmit knowledge, to tell something to someone and therefore create an experience.

Stories can have an awesome power in your life, I think we can use them for something good.


Meteora Österreich Quotes #4

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From 5 Re:Creators Quotes

“The world requires choice and resolution. Embrace it and face it.” – Meteora Österreich

To choose is to face life itself. It’s to take the wheel and fight for what you want, but this require resolution.

We find ourselves often standing in places we don’t like to be, we dream about changing but we can’t expect anything to change if we don´t take action… But it scares us, and that’s normal.

But I have good news to you: You can advance even if you are still scared, just accept it, accept your choice, the consequences, the fear and the joy.

The world requires choice and resolution, embrace it, face it, and advance.


Mamika Kirameki Quotes #5

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From 5 Re:Creators Quotes

“In my world, believing in things is what gave me power. But this place might be different. Believing in something might be stupid. But some things can be solved by believing. Doing that isn’t stupid in this world either. I want to believe this.” – Mamika Kirameki

To believe in something is important in life.

it gives structure to our lives and motivate us to move. To believe goes beyond the matter of lies and truth.

it’s a magic power inside us that allow us to get strength when we are weak and to lead the ship of our lives to wherever we want to go.

These are the life lessons I’ve taken from these 5 Re:Creators quotes.

Re: creators is full of very good life lessons and quotes so I think we will see a part 2.

Please comment and tell me if something here made you think or feel something. 🙂



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