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The Greatest Collection Of Kimi No Iru Machi Quotes

Kimi No Machi quotes taken from anime characters:

  • Haruto Kirishima.
  • Yuzuki Eba.

Kimi No Machi is a romance series about an introvert and an extroverted who live together. Produced by studio Gonzo.

If you were a fan of this romance adapted from a shounen manga, this short list of quotes will give you something to remember.

Here are the best lines worth sharing.


1. Yuzuki Eba Quotes

Yuzuki Eba quotes |

“As long as I can be with you, I don’t care what anyone says or how much I’m detested. As long as I can be with the one I love, that alone makes it okay. That’s what I longed for.” – Yuzuki Eba


Yuzuki Eba quotes 1 |

“As long as you do not give up, nothing is over.” – Yuzuki Eba


2. Haruto Kirishima Quotes

Haruto Kirishima quotes |

“I have to be her place to belong. I need to be a steady, reliable man whom she can trust.” – Haruto Kirishima


Haruto Kirishima quotes 1 |

“The more exciting it was to meet, the sadder it feels to say goodbye, right?” – Haruto Kirishima


Haruto Kirishima quotes 2 |

“Aren’t we family? Aren’t I like your family too? So it’s okay to cry if you’re having a hard time. Then I’ll do anything to help.” – Haruto Kirishima


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