19+ Silly And Memorable Ranma 1/2 Quotes For Anime Fans

ranma anime wallpaper

Ranma 1/2 anime quotes from characters:

  • Genma Saotome.
  • Ranma Saotome.
  • Akane Tendo.
  • Ukyo Kuonji.
  • Nabiki Tendo.
  • Tatewaki Kuno.
  • Kasumi Tendo.
  • Shampoo.
  • Ryoga Hibiki.
  • Happosai.

Ranma 1/2 is one of the pioneers in the slice of life genre. Not to mention rom-com style anime with body switching characters.

It’s produced by Studio Deen!

As a comedy this anime has plenty of memorable quotes that highlight the funny moments.

Here’s the best lines to bring back the good memories!


1. Ranma Saotome Quotes

Ranma Saotome quotes

“If Kasumi isn’t back by dinnertime, we’re gonna have to eat Akane’s cooking. And if we do that, man oh man, we’re gonna wish we were lost at sea!” – Ranma Saotome


Ranma Saotome quotes 1

“Saotome Anything Goes Martial Arts Final Attack: ready, set, run away!” – Ranma Saotome


Ranma Saotome quotes 2

“You’re built like a stick! Your thighs are too thick! You’re dumb as a brick! You talk like a hick! You can’t even kick! Your face makes me sick! Your hair’s a cow-lick! You itch like a tick!” – Ranma Saotome


2. Akane Tendo Quotes

akane tendo quotes

“There, Ranma, just like you wanted: A nice kitty cat in the face!” – Akane Tendo


akane tendo quotes 1

“Ranma, I can’t believe that you’re jealous of a pig!” – Akane Tendo


akane tendo quotes 2

“Dad, honestly, you picked the worst time to play deer caught in the headlights.” – Akane Tendo


3. Ukyo Kuonji Quotes

ukyo kuonji quotes

“Were you born stupid, or did you just grow that way?” – Ukyo Kuonji


ukyo kuonji quotes 1

“Leave it to that jackass Ryoga to draw me a map that leads me through half of Tokyo before coming here!” – Ukyo Kuonji


4. Kasumi Tendo Quotes

kasumi tendo quotes

“Oh… oh… oh dear. I think I am about to do something evil again.” – Kasumi Tendo


kasumi tendo quotes 1

“Akane really is a sweet girl. She’s just a violent maniac.” – Kasumi Tendo


5. Nabiki Tendo Quotes

nabiki tendo quotes

“Don’t worry, Daddy. The only young girls he could fool are the ones who take their teeth out at bedtime!” – Nabiki Tendo


nabiki tendo quotes 1

“Behold the battle of the boo-hoo.” – Nabiki Tendo


nabiki tendo quotes 2

“You know how I despise cynicism, but I don’t think Ranma’s taking this well.” – Nabiki Tendo


6. Ryoga Hibiki Quotes

Ryoga Hibiki quotes

“Where the heck am I now?” – Ryoga Hibiki


7. Shampoo Quotes

Shampoo ranma quotes

“Shampoo love boy-type Ranma…. Maybe pervert-girl like only girl-type Ranma? Tell truth now.” – Shampoo


8. Happosai Quotes

Happosai quotes

“Ah, look at the poor dearies all alone and unprotected. Allow me to take you to a safer location my silkie darlings.” – Happosai


9. Tatewaki Kuno Quotes

Tatewaki Kuno quotes

“I see that the fate of this Phoenix has destined you and I, oh pig-tailed girl. Now we must bathe together!” – Tatewaki Kuno


10. Genma Saotome Quotes

genma saotome quotes

“Arrrgh! Pandas can’t talk!” – Genma Saotome


genma saotome quotes 1

“Too bad I never read the page. Muhahahahha!” – Genma Saotome


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