The Top 25 Countries Where Interspecies Reviewers Is Popular

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Interspecies Reviewers is the most controversial anime we’ve ever seen.

  • First the Twitter outrage.
  • Then the anime releases.
  • Funimation drops it.
  • More streaming services drop it.
  • YouTubers inflate MAL reviews for Interspecies Reviewers.
  • MyAnimeList responds.
  • MAL deals with a DDOS attack.

ALL of these events have been related to, or started because of Interspecies Reviewers.

The drama is only bound to continue.

In the meantime – let’s talk about the top countries where Interspecies Reviewers is popular.

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interspecies reviewers google trends

This is according to Google Trends (which is accurate and has a LOT of data).


Top 25 Countries For Interspecies Reviewers:


1. Costa Rica

cs flag


2. United States

us flag


3. Finland

fi flag


4. Puerto Rico

Country Flag of Puerto Rico


5. Australia

as flag


6. Canada

ca flag


7. Belgium

be flag


8. France

fr flag


9. Sweden

sw flag


10. New Zealand

nz flag


11. Bulgaria

bu flag


12. Norway

no flag


13. Philippines

rp flag


14. Singapore

sn flag


15. Serbia

ri flag


16. Netherlands

nl flag


17. Thailand

th flag


18. Hungary

hu flag


19. Hong Kong

hong kong flag


20. Ireland

ei flag


21. Poland

pl flag


22. Chile

ci flag


23. Denmark

da flag


24. South Korea

ks flag


25. Malaysia

my flag


Top 25 Countries Interspecies Reviewers (Graph)

countries where interspecies reviewers is popular ink

Did your country make it to the list?


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