14+ Of The Most Trashy Anime Series To Watch (If You’re Willing)

Anime Girl Maid Disgusted

Trashy anime series fit one of these categories for me:

  • Poor quality.
  • Bad ratings.
  • Back alley content.
  • In poor taste.
  • Trashy approach, subjects (or plot).

And things along those lines. But that doesn’t mean the anime itself is guaranteed to be bad.

It’s a perception more than anything else at times. And more about fitting certain types of fans, depending.

Let’s talk about these types of anime shows.


Trashy Anime:


1. Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

prisma illya anime smile

You can think of Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya as a trashy spin off version of the usual FATE anime shows.

It’s a bunch of kids in middle school,Illya being one of the familiar suspects

They’re all magical girls pretty much.

The “trashy” part comes with the Yuri aspects to this series. With the female characters regularly making out with each other.

If you thought Citrus was trashy, wait till you see this. Especially if you’re a FATE fan.

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2. Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru

Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru lolicon woman

This anime isn’t just trashy, but disturbed and off limits.

The main character is a house maid who’s also into loli’s. Of course the anime plays on the fact that she’s female, instead of male, and tries to make it “cute” and funny.

It’s not the first time an anime has done this. And it’s the only reason it’s trashy.

The anime defines double standards and doesn’t even try to hide it.


3. Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me

Wataten An Angel Flew Down to Me trashy anime

Here we have An Angel Flew Down On Me. A similar anime to the last mention on this “trashy” list.

The main character, a woman, is into little kids. But again, because it’s a woman and not a man, it’s played off as cute and funny.

In fact the anime uses a rom com style of humor in spite of the character’s mentality.

It’s another anime that exposes double standards in the anime community to new levels of insanity.

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4. Kiss x Sis

kiss x sis trashy anime

Kiss x Sis is another anime that makes it to this list of trashy anime series.

It’s about a brother and his sisters. While they’re all “step” sisters, it’s portrayed in a certain way that it’s irrelevant, since it implies incest.

Some people swear by this anime and it’s a known classic in the Ecchi genre.

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5. School Days

school days anime gif

School Days is well known. In fact I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know about this anime.

Eve if they haven’t watched it all the way through.

It’s statistically rated one of the worst of all time. And that already says something when the rating is below 6.

As for the anime, it’s about romance gone wrong after someone cheats in a relationship.

Yandere’s, jealousy, extreme violence and shock value. It’s all here, just in the trashiest way possible.

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6. Trinity Seven

trinity seven harem e1619520361854

Trinity Seven is what harem/ecchi anime look like when they make no effort to differentiate.

It’s cliches left right and center. The usual boring MC. And a plot that’s been stuck together at random on a white board.

It’s one of the first Ecchi/Harem anime I was ever exposed to. And still is one of the worst, trashiest to this day.


7. Eromanga Sensei

eromanga sensei underpants scene

Eromanga Sensei is an anime you can think of when saying “anime was a mistake”.

It’s that type of series. Back alley style content. An anime you watch and never watch again.

You can think of it as My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cuteexcept there’s no creativity or relevance.

The former talks about Otaku culture, but here it’s just straight perversion and nonsense for its own sake.


8. Highschool Of The Dead

Highschool Of The Dead tiddies episode 8

Highschool Of The Dead is well documented for the type of series it is.

It’s hard to say that some people love it, but it’s generally not hated. It’s more about how disappointed people are with it.

The anime starts out as a zombie apocalypse happening in a school. 2 survivors remain (at first).

Later it starts to become about fanservice at every turn, even in the most intense parts of the action. And devolves into trashy territory at some point.

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9. Strike Witches 

strike witches trashy anime e1619520086762

Strike Witches is a military series. It’s about wolf girls, panther girls, sea eagle girls, and all types of animals

It’s the type of anime that can fulfill a ton of fetishes. And is known in the furry fandom.

These girls save the world and fight for justice, some of who are in nothing but underpants. Making the fan service in this show normalized since it’s constantly in the background.


10. Dog & Scissors

dog and scissors trashy

Dog & Scissors has been mentioned here a lot for different reasons. I’m surprised it never comes up along these lines.

The anime is about a guy who dies and is reincarnated as a dog, but not in a different world.

In fact the girl who witnesses his death notices he’s now a dog.

It’s a fetish type of anime. The female MC “has a thing” for the dog and is aroused by the idea of it.

In a comedy setting.

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11. To Love Ru

To Love Ru bed moments

To Love Ru is one of the most popular Ecchi/Harem anime out there. And it’s one of the most trashy for me.

It’s about an alien girl who becomes part of the main characters life. She, and others, become attracted to him.

They end up in the usual scenarios relating to fan service or misunderstandings. And there’s a ton of seasons as well.

Still a trashy anime though at the end of the day.

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12. Is This A Zombie

Is This A Zombie cover

Is This A Zombie is about a boy being bossed around by girls. And is made to dress up as a magical girl.

It’s the closest thing you’ll get to seeing male anime characters in a magical girl type of setting.

Very trashy style of writing and themes. But it works for some.


13. My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute

My Little Sister Cant Be This Cute characters smiling

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute is a special kind of anime. And not for the right reasons.

One thing that’s good about it is the focus on Otaku culture in Japan. This is an important highlight in the beginning stages.

Even the MC’S little sister (the anime’s title) is a closet Otaku who later makes friends.

But the anime devolves into trashy content eventually. And steers itself off the cliff it first started on.

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14. Pupa 

Pupa anime trashy

Pupa is one of the worst-rated anime of all time. Even lower than anime like School Days.

It’s easily the lowest in the HORROR genre as well. When it’s this bad, it’s hard to deny the reviews.

One thing about this anime is it’s purely for shock value, and there’s no “good” horror within the anime.

It tries too hard, and intentionally makes the content so nasty it falls on death ears. And is the literal definition of “trashy”.

What other trashy anime are there?



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