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11 Of The Greatest Anime Shows Like “Angels Of Death”

Angels Of Death, produced by J.C Staff is one of 2018’s most chilling horror series.

The anime’s focus is survival with “in-game” mechanics thrown into the mix (think of Danganronpa or SAO).

But the story is darker than I’m making it sound.

If you haven’t watched it already, add it to your “watch” list.

Otherwise, here are some of the closest recommendations for fans who love this series…


Anime Like Angels Of Death:


1. Higurashi: When They Cry

YouTube video

Higurashi is the most clever horror series I’ve enjoyed watching.

The story is based in a cursed village: Hinamizawa, and the village god: Oyashiro.

Angels Of Death is a lot like Higurashi for its dark atmosphere and uncomfortable circumstances.

But the most unique trait Higurashi has going for it, is how unpredictable it is. You never know what’s coming next, because the plot is dynamic, disturbing and shocking the more it unfolds.

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2. Shiki

Shiki is an anime series focused on not just horror or psychological elements, but vampire-like creatures in particular.

But that doesn’t change how similar this show is to Angels Of Death.

In the anime: Shiki, you have a main character: Toshiro, who’s the “strategist” and does most of the planning in advanced.

This trait is similar to Rachel Gardner, who’s the “brains” of the Angels Of Death series.

And with the uncomfortable levels of brutality you’ll see in Shiki, it’s an easy transition for Angels Of Death fans to get into.

Even if there are slight differences between both shows.


3. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt is a forgotten anime in 2018. And because there are so few “ghost” shows in the first place, this show is basically a unicorn in the anime industry.

Similar to Angels Of Death, there’s a sense of mystery, chilling moments and even episodes that will make you JUMP out of your chair.

Ghost Hunt isn’t violent or bloody like Angels Of Death, but the vibes it gives off is enough to connect both shows together.

Especially with the creepy, disturbing ghost investigations that take place. And a calm main character to go with it.


4. Death Note

That’s right – Death Note shares similarities with Angels Of Death. It’s not the most similar on this list, but it’s close enough

The main elements that connect Death Note to Angels Of Death Is:

  • Strategy. Death Note is known and loved for its strategic elements. Where characters are forced to “think” things through.
    • This is also an element seen in Angels Of Death.
  • And then there’s the horror/psychological elements. Death Note and Angels Of Death are both deep in different ways.

The main difference between both shows is how they’re set up.

Angels Of Death is a twisted game the main characters are forced into. With their lives at stake.

Where as Death Note takes a different approach in this area.


5. Hell Girl

When I think about it – Hell Girl (Ai Enma) is almost identical to Rachel Gardner from Angels Of Death.

  • Ai Enma (Hell Girl) is quiet.
  • She has few words to speak of.
  • She has a blank, empty facial expression.
  • And she only talks when it’s necessary. Choosing to speak as little as possible.
  • Not to mention she’s cool, calm and collected (in a depressing kind of way).

Besides the strong similarities between both characters, Hell Girl is full of mystery and chilling episodes that show the dark side of human society.

Angels Of Death fans should ease right into Hell Girl without any problems.


6. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a crude anime for too many reasons. It’s a story of hypocrisy.

  • Human beings create a “monster” that escapes their laboratory.
  • And that same monster is then hunted down as if it’s an abomination.

That “monster” is the main character: Lucy. Who’s seen her fair share of tragedy, pain, and heart-breaking experiences that are enough to make a person mentally unstable.

This is what makes Elfen Lied so similar to Angels Of Death. Both characters are empty and have lived tragic lives

And each character has a partner who supports them through all the troubles along the journey.


7. Death Parade

Imagine you died, and all of a sudden you came back to life. Then the next thing you know, you end up in a bar being served by a man with white hair.

What in the world would you do? And how would you react?

Death Parade is a game/horror series like Angels Of Death. But the set up is different.

The basis of the series comes down to this:

  • Every person who dies ends up in a place between heaven and hell. Known as “Quin-decim”.
  • And each person is put through a series of tests that determine whether they should go to hell or heaven.

What happens in between is where the anime gets really dark and ugly. But it’s also one of the most thought-provoking.

Something Angels Of Death fans will love.


8. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland focuses on a teenager who’s wrongly been forced against his will to fight for his life in a set of “death games“.

The only thing that’s not too similar to Angels Of Death is the main characters.

If you can overlook that, you might appreciate Deadman Wonderland. But the setup is a little different, despite both shows being centered around “games”.


9. Btooom!

Btooom is another sick, twisted anime series that uses the “game” concept in a survival fashion.

The basis of the story is: all the characters are dumped onto a random island. 1000’s of miles from civilization.The one’s pulling the strings are using kids, teenagers and adults as test experiments.

It’s not my favorite series, but for what its worth you will find similarities to Angels Of Death.

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10. Future Diary

The one thing that separates Future Diary is the supernatural elements.

Almost every character is able to use some “supernatural” ability as part of the survival game they’re forced to play.

But just like Angels Of Death, this anime isn’t sexy in the slightest.

  • It’s gritty.
  • Ugly.
  • Deep.
  • Disturbing.
  • And packed with action.

Plus it’s about twice as long as Angels Of Death. With even more characters in comparison.


11. Another

The main character: Mei Misaki couldn’t be more like Rachel Gardner if she tried.

Mei Misaki is reserved, quiet, but observant and mysterious. She’s not bothered by too much, and yet she has this “vibe” about her that draws you in.

The horror in this series is bloody, no different to Angels Of Death. But the major difference is:

  • Another is set in a school.
  • And the male MC isn’t as interesting as Zach from Angels Of Death.
  • Plus the violence is centered around a spooky “catastrophe” as opposed to a person.

Both series are short, so that’s something you’ll appreciate if you give Another a try.


Honorable Mention: Danganronpa

Featured image source: Angels Of Death Wallpaper

Have you watched any of these shows?


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