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50 Anime Characters With Superhuman Strength (Recommended)

Who are the anime characters with the strongest superhuman powers, aside from the customary waifu fights that have been going on for millennia?

And why not throw my hat into the burning ring of hell, seeing as how practically every fandom makes them into passionate disputes anyway.

Some of the strongest superhuman power anime characters of all time, as ranked by me, are included in this list.


1.) Asta

word image 131649 1 |

Asta is very useless in terms of overall power. Especially in comparison to shounen norms. He is a force in the real world, though. This is because the little shrimp hard-counters his entire environment.

Every combatant in Black Clover uses magic and locates their adversaries directly or indirectly through magic. However, Asta entirely negates magic with his swords and is undetectable because the young man has no magic ability.

Additionally, his abilities’ entire demonic nature is a factor. And everyone is aware that he will continue to develop his strength.


2.) All Might

word image 131649 2 1 |

Toshinori Yagi is his real name; he was born without an Alter and took up Nana Shimura’s when he was a teenager. He is the greatest hero ever. He is Izuku’s idol and a genuine representation of peace.

He is endowed with extraordinary strength and constantly stands ready to provide a hand in his special brand of heroism, which he defines as “helping others with a grin on their face.”

His favorite adage is, “Everything will be alright! Do you understand why? since the cavalry has arrived!”. Izuku aspires to emulate his role model beyond all else. A long-held goal of the young man is realized when he accepts his invitation to become his student.


3.) Akame

word image 131649 3 1 |

The problem with Akame is that she will undoubtedly one-shot you, even with just a scrape. This is due to her blade’s “death mark” on you

Having the ability to use what we in the industry like to refer to as “hacks” is why she deserves a spot on this list.

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4.) Sakura Haruno

word image 131649 4 1 |

Jōnin from Konohagakure Sakura Haruno, now known as Sakura Uchiha, was a female member of Team 7. Despite admitting that he had little idea of what an ideal heroine should be, Kishimoto designed her as the series’ protagonist.

Kishimoto has attempted to emphasize Sakura’s long forehead, a feature that led to her being teased by other kids. Ino Yamanaka consoled and stood up for her when she was teased, but their love for Sasuke caused them to grow apart as they grew older.

Sakura despises Naruto Uzumaki and has a crush on Sasuke for most of the first section.


5.) Muzan Kibutsuji

word image 131649 5 1 |

Demon Slayer wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable without a compelling antagonist. And Muzan is bonkers in every way. Being a demon automatically makes him immune to anything that lacks the strength of the Sun during the night.

Muzan, however, is capable of producing infantry and other demons. But there are actual demons that the heroes can only barely repel.


6.) Acnologia 

Acnologia black wings |

Acnologia is called the black dragon, among other names in Fairy Tail. And is one of the most powerful anime characters with superhuman strength.

In Fairy Tail, he’s feared by everyone and has no equal if you ignore the ending of FT and how the power of friendship plays its role.

Acnologia is so powerful he can withstand a blast of fire from Igneel, the dragon king, despite the fact Igneel’s flames are over 100,000 degrees celsius of pure heat.

Many times hotter than the sun could ever be.


7.) Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-under-blade

word image 131649 7 1 |

Kiss-shot is the kind of character that brings back memories of how wonderful and strong vampires are. Those regeneration skills are simply ridiculous. The loss of a limb is equated to the loss of an eyelash.

The majority of the action in the show begins with her presence since she is so strong that she throws everything off balance. And if you’ve finished the Monogatari series, you already know she briefly ruled the globe.

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8.) Izuku Midoriya

word image 131649 8 1 |

He is the story’s primary character. Childhood “friend” of Katsuki Bakugo, whom he calls Katchan, was born without Quirk. Like his hero, the renowned All Might, he aspires to be the greatest superhero of all time to “be able to save lives with a grin on your face.”

His goal is to enroll in Yuei (UA), a renowned and respected high school that has produced numerous heroes. Even though he lacks superhuman abilities, he will stop at nothing to surpass his toughest adversary, Katsuki Bakugo, and become a renowned hero.


9.) Eren Yeager

word image 131649 9 1 |

There is a consistent pattern where shounen protagonists become absurd in the manga but are consistently average in the anime. But even so, you’ll see why Eren is here since you’re reading this in the future. I won’t give anything away.

I could picture him as the monster in a horror film or something.


10.) Tornado

word image 131649 10 1 |

A teenage girl with superhuman telekinetic abilities who occasionally lacks gratitude for her peers.

She is 28 years old, but due to her talents, which are supposed to have slowed her growth, she appears younger. Its abilities are so potent that they could easily wipe out an entire city, stop shells, cause natural disasters, or even make meteors fall.

Silverfang claims that she possesses numerous supernatural abilities that we haven’t yet seen, including the ability to build force fields to protect herself (silver fang). She has the unpleasant habit of cursing at her interlocutors when she wants a yes or no response since she has a nasty temper.


11.) Kazuto Kirigaya

word image 131649 11 1 |

The phrase “strong dude” may describe Kirito’s entire personality. That was all he was in the first season. God himself couldn’t destroy this wet blanket of a character because of his insanely high rate of HP regeneration and 10% lower rate of holy damage.

And when you believe he has met his match, Kirito uses some hacks. And still manages to prevail. Is he a good person? No. But is he a powerful one? Definitely.


12.) Isaac Netero

word image 131649 12 1 |

Isaac Netero is the president of the Society of Hunters. He was at one point the most powerful of them, and perhaps still is, although his advanced age has caused him to lose, in his words, more than half of its power.

He notices Gon and Killua when the exam is being transported by airship, even going so far as to offer them a game that, if they win, will enable them to get Hunter’s license without going through the trials.


13.) Rimuru Tempest

word image 131649 13 1 |

Imagine Milim in this place if you don’t want to accept limitless scaling as an argument. However, a slime man, woman, or person can absorb anything to increase their power.

When you consider that among those absorbed was a giant dragon, their status as an unchallenged leader makes a lot of sense. They can also buff all of their adversaries. And the buff is crucial. Therefore, when they join a party, their power soars.


14.) Ulquiorra Cifer

word image 131649 14 1 |

Although Ulquiorra had already attained the stage of Vasto Lorde in Hueco Mundo, where he had previously lived, he still felt inferior to the other Hollows because he was the only white.

Because of the mask covering his face, he could not hear, taste, or smell anything, rest, or have any company.

The only sensation he experienced was “nothing,” and the only thing he did was walk by himself. Aizen contacts him at an unknown moment to join his team.

Ulquiorra first appears alongside Yammy Rialgo, the 10th Espada, as they arrive in Karakura. Ulquiorra travels to find Ichigo and learns as much as he can about him.


15.) Natsu Dragneel

word image 131649 15 1 |

Natsu’s role as the shounen protagonist is his greatest asset. Whatever you throw to the man, he will consume it, deliver a Nakama speech, and burn you to a char. We’ve seen how out of control his fire can be.

Simply being in his immediate presence for a brief period will give you the Tanacon sensation. You have to wonder if anything will be able to stop this little dragon youngster, given the number of beatings he has endured over the years.


16.) Sōsuke Aizen

word image 131649 16 1 |

Aizen served as a lieutenant in the Fifth Division during the Pendulum Saga, which took place 100 years before the events of the narrative under Captain Shinji Hirako, who would later become the Vizard’s leader.

Aizen had already begun working with Kaname Tsen and Gin, who was still a little child but was a great assassin at the time. Aizen had attempted to employ several Shinigami for his experiments, but all of his test subjects—aside from the future Visored—were in various stages of bankruptcy.

Aizen builds White, a Hollow, with the particular purpose of Shinigami, utilizing the soul of a Shinigami to find Shinji and his crew.


17.) Mu-Jin Park

word image 131649 17 1 |

They haven’t yet demonstrated achievements on Mujin’s level. Therefore take over for him here. But so far, we’ve seen Mujin slap an entire island (remotely, might I add) and murder everyone on that island like flies.

Additionally, we’ve seen him abuse Q, the reputedly strongest commissioner. Hold back a huge sword that God pushed once more distantly. Not only is his power incredible, but even if you can’t see him, he still can defeat you.


18.) Master Roshi

word image 131649 18 1 |

He is one of the most accomplished practitioners of human martial arts in the Dragon Ball world. Born in 430, he is the brother of the medium Baba, stands 165 cm tall, and weighs 44 kg. He resides on a small island in residence known as Kame House (literally, “House of the Turtle”).

Along with Teacher Shen, Master Roshi was a student of the great master Mutaito in his youth. He was present when the latter imprisoned the demon, Piccolo.

After his master’s passing, Master Roshi and Master Shen split off, creating their fighting philosophies and, thus, founding their schools, escalating their bitter conflicts.


19.) Guts

word image 131649 19 1 |

It pains me to begin the list with Guts since he is the strongest, at least mentally. It is unlikely that any other character could endure what he has and yet maintain their sanity.

In terms of physical prowess, we’ve seen that Golden Age Guts can eliminate one hundred armed warriors by himself. And after receiving the Cesar treatment, he often battles some fairly strong demons. He, therefore, possesses, at the very least, the might of an army.


20.) Orochimaru

word image 131649 20 1 e1674669270188 |

Orochimaru is a criminal who acted as the major villain of Part I, having previously affiliated with the Akatsuki.

He was originally a former ninja from the Leaf Village and a student of Hiruzen with his beloved comrades Jiraiya and Tsunade, with whom he formed the three legendary Sannin.

Orochimaru experimented on his fellow ninja before founding his own ninja village, the Hidden Village of Sound, as his laboratory to continue living. His goal was to become immortal.


21.) Tanya Degurechaff

word image 131649 21 1 |

Tanya would rank much higher on this list if attitude were a key factor. Because were she ever to yell at me, I would shrink in horror.

Others might not have first felt this way. But they immediately realized this after witnessing her defeat battalion after battalion. Quickly She is a master strategist as well. Therefore, she could punch much more powerfully than someone in her weight class.


22.) Kenpachi Zaraki

word image 131649 22 1 e1674669330854 |

After eliminating an entire group of Shinigami, he took control of one of their Zanpakuto. He changed its identity, making it his own (as Ichigo will later do with Rukia’s).

Shortly after that, he encountered Yachiru Unohana, the then-Kenpachi, and encountered the first significant challenge of his life with her.

The two injured each other, she in the neck and he in the face, but they realized they could kill even this opponent Zar. After that, he would discharge a portion of his true power whenever his life was in danger.


23.) Jotaro Kujo

word image 131649 23 1 |

Jotaro is undoubtedly near the bottom of our ranking in terms of total destructive power. Despite this, his one-on-one potential is outstanding. This is mostly because his position was one of the strongest the series has ever seen. It moves quickly and attacks and defends well.

He can stop time, which is also shown at the end of the series. Which, as you would have guessed, almost always results in triumph. Not the most damaging, then. He is a beast, though, in the appropriate circumstances.


24.) Korra

word image 131649 24 1 |

She replaces Aang as the next Avatar, who was 17 at the start of the series. She is characterized as an obstinate and rebellious girl from the South Pole Water Tribe. She has brown hair that is kept in a bun but occasionally unties.

Her hair will eventually be trimmed short. At the beginning of the anime, she already possesses command over water, earth, and fire, but she needs Tenzin’s guidance to learn about air.

She has difficulty assimilating this skill since she has only ever focused on the physical element of her duty as an Avatar, never understanding the spiritual component.


25.) Light Yagami

word image 131649 25 1 |

Light has a unique power system. If surprised, he is practically defenseless. Yet is invincible if given time to prepare.

You know how the Death Note works: guaranteeing someone’s demise by putting their full name in it.

Only a few details can be added on how the person will pass away. The number of enemies Light has killed is among the most in anime. But I have to rate him quite low because he needs information about you.


26.) Aang

word image 131649 26 1 |

The last remaining Airbender is Aang. He is a monk of the air nomads and the Avatar’s reincarnation—a spirit of Light and serenity with dominion over all four elements. When he was twelve, he spent 100 years in cryostasis in the first season.

He aspires to improve his command of the elements while averting the destruction of other peoples by the Fire Nation.


27.) Edward Newgate

word image 131649 27 |

In the One Piece universe, Whitebeard is regarded as the strongest man alive. I can’t ignore him now. And he unquestionably merited the title.

He has demonstrated the greatest tenacity I have seen in a while as we have watched him take on several admirals, punch the water so hard a tsunami occurred, and more.

The man was only half-faced and had a hole in his chest, yet it did not stop him from moving.

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28.) Gon Freecss

word image 131649 28 1 |

Hunter Hunter’s heroes are Killua Zoldik and Gon Freecss. He is the illustrious Ging Freecss’s son. He thinks his aunt Mito, Ging’s cousin, is his birth mother because she reared him.

She was led to believe for a long time by Mito that her father had passed away, but she eventually tells him the truth—that he is still alive and that she has custody because of a court order.

He has a personality similar to any nekketsu manga hero, albeit unquestionably deeper and more sought-after.


29.) Ichigo Kurosaki

word image 131649 29 |

Scaling Ichigo is a little difficult because so much of his ability is “tell, don’t show.” At the very least, he can demolish a city if we pick up where the anime left off at most, a whole nation. His strength is closer to being able to destroy a planet if we go with the series conclusion.

Any way you look at it, the boy is leaving. He is also reported to be able to move at the speed of Light. Therefore, his speed stat is extremely impressive. So, unless we factor in coolness points, he isn’t quite on the level of God.

He always has a badass appearance, man.


30.) Erza Scarlet

word image 131649 30 1 |

She was kidnapped as a small child from her village of Rosemary, along with other kids her age, to serve as enslaved people in the building of the Tower of Heaven. She meets Rob here and makes friends with Jellal, Miliana, Shaw, Simon, and Wolly.

She chooses to join Rob’s guild, Fairy Tail, after being expelled from the tower by Jellal, who is under the grip of an evil force. She was reserved and distrustful of people from the minute she arrived at the guild.

She will be more able to open up to people thanks to Gray, who continuously tries to irritate her. She teaches Natsu to read more once he joins the guild due to Ignir.


31.) Kuro Sakuragawa

word image 131649 31 1 |

The strangest anime powers belong to this dude. But depending on the situation, he can be both ordinary and unbeatable. This is due to his immortality and mortal flesh—Undead Ban levels of immortality.

As a result, he always prevails when dealing with biters or those thugs who lick their swords after cutting you. There are still some problems even if you are smarter than that.

Primarily, he can predict the future and his hand-to-hand combat is not too shoddy. To summarize, there is no destructive power, but an excellent duelist exists.


32.) L Lawliet

word image 131649 32 1 |

L is a legendary investigator. First of all, because no one knows his face, but also because he can solve very difficult cases. So he was called in to solve the mystery of Kira’s identity.

He calls himself Ryûzaki by members of Kira’s capture team and Hideki Ryûga when he pretends to be a college student. He does not hesitate to sacrifice to unmask Kira and achieve his ends; he can think calmly and act dangerously.

During the investigation of Kira, he meets Light, whom he suspects to be Kira, and will do everything to prove it. He is also a very bad loser.


33.) Byakuya Kuchiki

word image 131649 33 1 |

Byakuya, a Kuchiki clan member, was raised in the Seireitei mansion of the same name. He put in endless hours of practice to assume control of the Kuchiki family. Yoruichi Shihin frequently went to Kuchiki Manor to tag Byakuya.

On one such occasion, 110 years ago, her grandfather Ginrei Kuchiki brought her to a training Byakuya. After seeing Yoruichi, she attacked and humiliated her.

Yoruichi made fun of him, arguing that she didn’t meet him after travelling far to visit him. Byakuya expressed her dissatisfaction at seeing her and said that he had no time to squander with her because he would lead the Kuchiki clan soon enough.


34.) Kakashi Hatake

word image 131649 34 1 |

The sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, is a Jnin, a former ANBU, the head of Team 7, and the mentor of Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sakura Haruno.

Kakashi was initially intended to be the carefree character who could keep the other “Team 7” members in check and arrive in the second chapter of the Naruto manga shortly before them. Kakashi handles his leadership role aloofly and is usually late for meetings.


35.) Tanjiro Kamado

word image 131649 35 1 |

The novel’s main character is a charcoal seller’s first kid, with flaming hair and eyes, hanafuda earrings, and a birthmark on the left side of his forehead. He lives in the mountains with his mother and brothers, whom he has raised as best he can after their father passed away.

He journeys with his younger sister Nezuko in pursuit of an antidote that will restore her to humanity after a demon slaughters his family and Nezuko turns into a demon.


36.) Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon

word image 131649 36 1 |

Sailor Moon is the champion of equity and love. Her outfit is pink and blue at the beginning of the series, and she is easily recognized by her long blonde hair and two updos in the shape of dangos.

Princess Serenity, the Princess of the Silver Millennium, assumes the warrior persona of Sailor Moon.

She reincarnated as Usagi Tsukino after dying in a conflict between Terrans and Selenites over 10,000 years ago. Usagi is greedy, sluggish, and a complainer. She does, however, have a big heart and is quite giving.

The Silver Crystal, a magnificent crystal of incredible power that most of Sailor Moon’s foes lust after, is the inheritance of Sailor Moon.


37.) Ryou Asuka

word image 131649 37 1 |

Again, these are serious spoilers. Skip ahead as needed. Ryou’s name was entered, but Satan should have been. Ryou is who he is, and when completely restored, he gains some absurd power, so that’s who he is. He chopped the moon in half with a single attack.

When he and Akira clashed, explosions could be seen from space. He was, however, never badly hurt, whereas Akira needed the other demons to fill up for his lost limbs.


38.) Meliodas

word image 131649 38 1 |

The Dragon of Wrath and Head of the Seven Deadly Sins is named Meliodas. He is the series’ primary protagonist and owner of the Boar Hat Tavern. The Lostvayne Demon Slicer is her Sacred Treasure, and Full Counter is her Magical Talent.

He was also a former member of the Stigma Alliance and the former Head of the Ten Commandments under the guise of Meliodas of Charity. He is the elder son of the King of Demons and Zeldris of Piety’s older brother.


39.) Koro-sensei

word image 131649 39 1 |

The class 3-E teacher at Kunugigaoka Middle School is Koro-sensei. Although little is known about his background, we eventually discover that he was once a famous assassin known by Shinigami, which signified his role as a strong and fearsome hitman in the entire world.

Having constantly lived in a slum in hyperviolence, the youthful Koro-sensei was seized by an abnormal craving for power and swelled with pride.

After being betrayed by his student (the second and current Shinigami), he was imprisoned in a research facility where his body was subjected to antimatter experiments, which caused him to change into a flexible creature with enormous and enigmatic abilities.


40.) Monkey D. Luffy

word image 131649 40 1 |

The Straw Hat Luffy, often known as Monkey D. Luffy, is introduced as a young man with an elastic physique, a talent he acquired from consuming a Devil Fruit. He is the Straw Hat crew’s founder and captain.

To fulfil his long-held ambition of becoming the Pirate King, he must locate the fabled loot known as the One Piece that the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, left behind.

He asserts that the pirate king is the most liberated person on earth. He is currently referred to as the Fifth Emperor by the international press because of his acts on Totto Land and against Emperor Big Mom.


41.) Ken Kaneki

word image 131649 41 |

Doctor Akihiro Kano implanted Rize Kamishiro’s RC cells when he was 18 years old after the ghoul tried to devour him due to an accident.

The youngster then realizes that he shares traits with humans and ghoul species, cannibalistic humanoids that solely eat people and other ghouls.

He then changes into a half-ghoul with one eye. Ken is terrified since he has realized that to survive, he must consume human flesh. He wears an eye patch to hide his state as a ghoul because his left eye reveals his true nature when hungry.


42.) Alucard

word image 131649 42 1 e1674669933687 |

Alucard is one of the original vampires, if not the original. Alucard has long black hair and yellow-tinted glasses and is typically dressed in a pretty tattered outfit that is most likely from the 19th century, along with his renowned bright red coat and cap.

But his appearance varies according to whether he has removed the seals, which are obstacles meant to restrict the use of his powers. Later, he discovers that his hair has grown longer and is reaching his lower back.

He also occasionally discards his perpetual coat in favour of a black leather jumpsuit with buttons that resembles a straitjacket rather than a cape.


43.) Lucy

word image 131649 43 1 |

Kaede / Lucy / Nyu is a young diclonius of about 17 years old who was left in an orphanage when she was born. She is tall and skinny with dark pink hair and dark pink eyes.

She did not display the murderous tendencies typical of her species during these formative years. But as a result of her numerous traumas as a youngster, her killer instinct surfaced, and she developed a sadistic and violent nature.


44.) Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

word image 131649 44 e1674669617838 |

Before the novel starts, Kaguya, the matriarch of the Tsutsuki Clan, existed. A princess from a far-off nation thought it would be excellent if someone attained divine power to end the world’s ongoing hostilities at the time.

To accomplish this, she consumed the fruit of the Divine Tree, turning into a goddess and receiving immortality as well as the Rennesharingan, which granted her limitless power. By doing this, she broke a strict taboo and became the first living to hold the chakra.

By unleashing the limitless Tsukuyomi on the earth, she could cease the battles because of the power she had gained. She later gave birth to two children, Hagoromo and Hamura.


45.) Testuo Shima

word image 131649 45 1 |

This rugged fifteen-year-old orphan longs to be the boss of their biker gang with his comrade Kaneda. He unintentionally comes into the clutches of the military, who use him to release a tremendous amount of psychic power.

He liberates Akira while spinning out of control, but as his power increases, he begins a cycle of hideous mutations. Its escalating power has the potential to destroy the globe.

Only with Kaori does he occasionally find some calm. Other times, he is praying and wailing, outraged with agony and anger.

His “Empire” devastated, pursued by all, he finishes up in the skin of a hideous newborn, whose wild energy is absorbed by that of Akira in the last holocaust.

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46.) Ross

word image 131649 46 1 |

Okay, let me set the stage for you if you haven’t seen this hilariously short film. The demon king’s emergence is thwarted by a group of two people and a cute demon princess. However, Ross, one of the adventurers, is a legendary fighter and essentially the sum of all power.

He transported to the demon king and gave him a quick slap as though the man owed him money. This purported demon king was going to rule over Earth. He doesn’t display his abilities much. Thus I can’t rank him very highly. But he is unquestionably powerful.


47.) Naruto Uzumaki

word image 131649 47 1 |

The primary protagonist of Masashi Kishimoto’s fictitious Naruto manga series is Naruto Uzumaki. In the world of the television show, Naruto is a young ninja from the Konoha village.

The other villagers despise him because he is the host to the nine-tailed fox demon, a monster that has previously invaded the town. His goal is to become the village’s Hokage to command the respect of the populace.

He becomes friends with several of the village’s ninjas throughout the series, including Sasuke Uchiha, whom he views as his competition and brother.


48.) Saitama

word image 131649 48 1 e1674669682932 |

Saitama is a young man who no longer enjoys life and constantly engages in combat with unknown entities to develop into a strong hero. Every day, he trains by jogging ten kilometres and performing 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats.

Saitama observes two changes after “intense” training: he has lost all of his hair and has become incredibly strong, capable of taking out all of his adversaries at once.

Its signature move is the renowned “One Punch,” a direct blow that can defeat various formidable foes, including the King of the Seas, Ashura Rhino, King of the Underworld, a massive meteorite, and many others.


49.) Meruem

word image 131649 49 1 e1674669844460 |

But Meruem was undoubtedly the most believable in that aspect. He could already take down every nearby living thing with one shot as soon as he was born. He offers more than simply ludicrous strength.

That’s the thing. He is a bloody genius, quickly exceeding the smartest people. And, unless you violate the Geneva Convention, it is practically unbreakable.

Imagine if the guy learned to utilize Nen on top of all that! Without even breaking a sweat, he would undoubtedly conquer the globe.


50.) Zeno

Zeno db |

The greatest deity, King Zeno, rules over all the universes and is in charge of the Kaio, the Kaio gods, the gods of wrath, and the angels.

He is the one who has the power to decide whether someone lives or dies across the twelve universes that comprise the entire planet, which Frieza finds infuriating. Due to his tremendous and omnipotent power, he is feared by everyone.

Despite everything, he has an innocent and upbeat personality. When something offends him, he is a generally objective person who occasionally adopts a cold, expressionless gaze that never fails to calm those he speaks with.


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