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31+ Of The Greatest Magic Anime Series (Recommended)

It is undoubtful that there are a lot of Magic Anime. Some of the most enjoyable anime to watch can be those that deal with magic.

Magic brings up a world of story opportunities that are simply unavailable in the ordinary world.

Do the characters possess the ability to cast spells or change into unusual animals? With magic, they can accomplish all of that and more in anime.

Stay tuned as we list the best 30+ Magic Anime series to watch.


1.) That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

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Satoru Mikami, a 37-year-old man from an ordinary background, is reincarnated in an enchanting magical fantasy world after losing his life to thugs.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been reborn as a magical solid creature. He is instead reborn as a glob of slime. Hijinks abound.


2.) Black Clover

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Asta only has one ambition in life: to become the Wizard King. However, as he has no magical talent, this ambition appears strikingly out of reach.

One day, Asta unintentionally acquires a grimoire embellished with a five-leaf clover.

He might still have a chance with this thing in hand.


3.) Fairy Tail

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Magical guilds handle job requests of all sizes in a world where magic is ordinary. The Fairy Tail guild is a motley crew of mages with various objectives.

For instance, Natsu wants to locate his father. In contrast, Lucy wants to gather celestial gate keys and develop into a powerful wizard.

They fight against competing guilds as a unit while pursuing their goals.


4.) The Seven Deadly Sins

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Britannia is ruled by the Holy Knights with an iron fist; they defend it with incredible powers and impose their tyrannical control on it.

Princess Elizabeth searches for a band of outcast soldiers who might be able to take down the Holy Knights.

They can liberate Britannia if they can defeat the Holy Knights.


5.) Magical Warfare

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Takeshi Nanase has a troubled history in this action-packed modern magic anime animation. Due to the circumstances, he created a “fake” couple with his childhood friend Kurumi Isoshima.

He discovers Mui Aiba collapsed on the school grounds one day wearing a uniform he has never seen. This changes Takeshi’s destiny.

Mui admits to being a magician and apologizes for turning Takeshi into one. Takeshi’s once-single universe has split into two: the one for magicians and the one for mankind.


6.) Brave 10

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In the middle of Japan’s turbulent Sengoku (Warring States) era, in 1600, warlord Sanada Yukimura gathered 10 valiant soldiers.

This narrative magic anime reimagines their famous exploits.


7.) Dies Irae

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Nazi leaders perform a rite as the Red Army hoists the Soviet flag over the Reichskanzlei on May 1, 1945, in Berlin.

For them, the city’s destruction serves as a ritual sacrifice to summon the Order of the 13 Lances, a group of superhuman beings that will end the world. Few people are aware of them, and those who have gradually disappeared.

Ren Fujii works in a hospital in Suwahara City throughout December. Since the conflict with Shirou Yusa sent him to the hospital.

He has recurring visions of the guillotine, murderers stalking their prey, and knights in black chasing the killers.


8.) Overlord

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Momonga keeps connected to the game’s servers until it is close to shutting down because it is his favorite. When the game ends, he discovers that his character is still there and that the NPCs have become much more animated.

Momonga immediately starts to acquire power in his new, real life.


9.) Iroduku: The World in Colors

the world in colors

To connect with her shut-off emotions, a color-blind girl from a family of wizards goes back in time to 2018, when she attends high school with her grandmother’s younger self.

She discovers a whole lot more and the animation illustrates it beautifully.


10.) Magi

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The Aladdin legend receives an anime makeover in the Magi series. To repay his debt, a young mage named Aladdin attempts to conquer a dungeon, a magical maze filled with untold riches.

An extraordinary incredible journey then starts to develop and take shape.


11.) SpiritPact

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After losing his parents, Keika You- the exorcist family’s longtime heir. Keika became poor and struggled to make money as a part-time computer recovery specialist and street fortune teller.

He encounters the mysterious yet charismatic exorcist Ki Tanmoku one night in a junkyard while he battles an evil demon.

For Keika You, this encounter marks the start of a predestined story. Sadly, he was struck by a car and turned into a ghost.

At that point, the dashing exorcist Ki showed up there and prompted Keika to form a “pact” with him to battle demonic spirits.

Our heroes’ friendship begins right here!


12.) The Irregular at Magic High School

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Magic is taught at First High School much like any other technical talent, yet some students are much more skilled than others.

Tatsuya Shiba is thought to be magically weak. Yet, he skillfully uses his cunning, unusual methods, and solid physical prowess to compensate for this shortcoming.

He can amaze everyone with his unexpected ability level, thanks to these.


13.) Dragon Crisis!

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A typical high school student named Kisaragi Ryuji’s quiet life is thrown into an adventure by the return of his second cousin Eriko in this magical anime.

A relic box is taken from a black broker by Ryuji and Eriko.

They discover Rose, a red dragon girl, inside the box. Ryuji decides to use his abilities as a relic handler to fight to defend Rose from the dark organization.


14.) The Ancient Magus’ Bride

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Chise Hatori sells herself at auction because her life is so hopeless. Her life drastically improves when she moves in with a magician named Elias Ainsworth because she starts to learn the magic she’s always had within of her.

She also develops relationships with a group of other supernatural people.


15.) Qualidea Code

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This magical anime’s plot takes place in a universe where people still fight wars against the “unknown,” which is considered humanity’s enemies.

Children born in a cold sleep facility following the “unknown’s” invasion decades ago awaken from their slumber to discover that their bodies have evolved some extraordinary powers.

Boys and girls engage in combat to defend the cities of Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba from the “unknown” that emerges from the Tokyo Bay Gate.


16.) Fate

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An extraordinary magical relic known as the Holy Grail has the power to fulfil any wish, no matter how fanciful.  The struggles between organizations seeking to possess a particular item are detailed in the Fate series.

The characters are distinctive, and the plot is totally captivating.

There is Fate Stay Night, Fate Zero, Fate Apocrypha, and Fate Grand Order as far as anime shows.


17.) Zatch Bell

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Takamine Kiyomaro, who was depressed, was given the demon Gash Bell. Gash is engaged in a struggle for dominance of the demon realm but is unaware of it.

Demons on Earth are forced to pick a master and engage in combat until one prevails. As Kiyomaro takes over as Gash’s master, he gains courage and comradery from their battles.


18.) KonoSuba

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Kazuma Satou gets to decide between going straight to heaven or being reincarnated after his unintentional and early death. However, the latter entails travelling to a fictional world, where his first task is to vanquish the Demon King.

He decides on the fantasy realm but makes a mistake by asking the weak goddess Aqua for assistance.

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19.) Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage

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The family of the “Reiken” clan, with a long and illustrious history, is once more starting its entrance test procedure to discover followers.

In the tale of this magic anime, a comet falling will cause a colossal tragedy.

The protagonist, who has a unique soul that appears once every thousand years, decides to take the test and begins his journey to becoming a remarkable sage.


20.) The Saga of Tanya The Evil

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The wicked Being X reincarnates a middle-aged salaryman who says he doesn’t believe in God. He places him in a magical world as a supposedly helpless young girl to humble him.

Instead, she succeeds in moving up the military ranks by outclassing her adversaries with strong magic.


21.) Chain Chronicle

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The people of Yuguto believed their country to be the size of the entire planet. Still, it is actually divided into multiple regions, each with its own ruler.

Even if there were petty wars across areas, the kings met at roundtables to keep the peace and maintain balance. Up until a massive horde of evil creatures showed up.


22.) A Certain Magical Index

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In a world where almost everyone possesses a superhuman ability, Touma Kamijou can essentially do nothing but neutralize the abilities of others.

Later, he encounters a fascinating female named Index Librorum Prohibitorum, knowledgeable about thousands of banned Grimoires.

Touma is in charge of defending the girl from magical bounty hunters.

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23.) Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

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Sistine enrols in a magical academy to enhance her magical abilities to unravel the mystery surrounding the mysterious Sky Castle.

Her favourite teacher retired, and Glen, brought in to fill the void, proved to be a tardy, slothful, and generally inept instructor.

Why was Glen explicitly chosen by the top magician in the academy?


24.) Little Witch Academia

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In essence, Little Witch Academia is My Hero Academia with witches as the main characters. Akko Kagari admires the well-known witch Shiny Chariot, but she has challenges because she lacks a magical background.

She enrols in Luna Nova Magical Academy, but there is still a long way to go before she can become a prosperous witch.


25.) Witch Craft Works

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Regular student Takamiya Honoka’s only apparent issue is that he sits next to Kagari Ayaka.

They have never spoken, and the moment there is even the slightest interaction between them, her fan club starts hitting him. But just as he is ready to enter the afterlife due to a piece of the school’s building crumbling, Kagari saves him.

Only… she’s on a broomstick, holding him in her arms, and dressed as a witch! Kagari tells him that she must keep him safe and that this is the first time she can do so publicly rather than discreetly.


26.) Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Madoka and her pals enjoy an everyday life until a creature named Kyubey makes a contract in which they must transform into magical girls to battle witches in exchange for her wish granted.

Unfortunately, things aren’t nearly as easy as they seem, and the wishes don’t come true.

It turns out that the witches are much more cunning than everyone anticipated.


27.) Magi’s Grandson

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A young man who had undoubtedly passed away in an accident was resurrected as a baby in another world! He was then taken in by the heroic patriot “Sage” Merlin Wolford, who named him Shin.

He grew up as Merlin’s grandson and learned all his tricks, giving him some surprising powers. But when he became 15, his grandfather Merlin said, “I forgot to teach common sense in him!

The unusual other world fantasy existence of an “abnormal” boy begins here!

28.) Cardcaptor Sakura

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Sakura Kinomoto, an elementary school girl, has been assigned a peculiar task: she must collect and enclose every Clow card in a book.

If she doesn’t, they might have the opportunity to create havoc. Even if it’s challenging, she typically succeeds with her pals’ aid and the Clow card’s guardian.


29.) Shinsekai yori

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In the distant future of this magical anime, society has advanced backwards, and people are scattered among small settlements. People in this time had a psychic ability called “Juryoku,” which allowed them to visualize things.

People use this power as an essential energy source when there is no access to cutting-edge scientific technologies.

One day, a small archive robot is discovered by a girl named Saki and her friends outside the town.

It captures the early development of humanity.


30.) Princess Tutu

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Ahiru is a ballet student who lacks the talent to excel in the field. However, she is also Princess Tutu, a gifted dancer and magical girl whose duty is to gather the pieces of Prince Mytho’s broken heart.

To achieve this purpose, she must contend with the vengeful and mystic storyteller Drosselmeyer.

This series gives me nostalgia.


31.) Sailor Moon

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Speaking of Nostalgia, the adventures of Usagi Tsukino, a schoolgirl who becomes Sailor Moon to look for the “Legendary Silver Crystal,” Maboroshi no Ginsuish, a magical relic.

To stop the Silver Crystal’s theft and the Solar System’s destruction, she leads a team of allies known as the Sailor Soldiers, later renamed Sailor Guardians.

This series brings childhood memories, which is every Japanese and Non-Japaneses’ favourite girl hero.

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