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7+ Supernatural Anime That Are Similar To Superman

superman doomsday clock
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Superman needs no introduction. He’s one of the most famous people on earth.

I don’t think there’s any debating that.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys anime AND the Marvel/DC universe… Or you’re a DC fan wanting to venture into the world of anime, this list is for you.

Let’s get into it.


Anime Like Superman:


1. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia flames bakugo deku

This anime is about a set of young teenagers training in an academy. With the goal to become superhero’s one day.

Each has their own quirk (ability) that differentiates their style of fighting.

Boku No Hero Academia is a special series with unrivalled animation quality.

When I first watched it, it didn’t even feel like an anime series. I’m guessing its design-inspiration came from DC or marvel. Or American comics in general.

The fights, characters, and the universe of My Hero Academia feels a lot like Superman.

And you’ll enjoy it if Superman is something you love.


2. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z yamcha dbz squad

Whether we’re talking about DBZ or Dragon Ball Super, both shows share similarities with Superman.

Like Superman, Goku can fly, blast energy beams, is an alien from another planet, and has superhuman strength.

In fact, DBZ characters get compared so often to superman that it’s no surprise I’m recommending it. Even if most of the comparisons are in terms of strength and vs battles.

If you appreciate a long series, DBZ is the best option to start with. As it’s still ongoing to this day.

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3. Kill La Kill

YouTube video

If you ignore the “Kill La Kill, and the over-the-top style, it’s just like Superman.

More so when it comes to the history of the main character (to a degree), and the ending plot of the series.

To avoid spoilers I won’t say too much more than that. But in Kill La Kill you have powerful women and sick battle-scenes.

In fact, It’s some of the best I’ve seen personally from an anime show.

I also feel like the animation in Kill La Kill will appeal to you if you love DC or marvel in general.

It has a cartoon vibe to it.


4. One Punch Man

One Punch Man saitama slap head

Can’t forget about One Punch Man. A mega-successful series of its kind in the last couple of years.

One Punch Man takes the typical cliches of “hero” anime, and turns it upside down. Often making a mockery of the entire industry that’s built around it.

Saitama also has depth as a protagonist and it’s easy to relate to his internal struggle with happiness and satisfaction, knowing he can destroy his enemies in one punch.

It’s the equivalent of having everything and not having any more goals, making life dull.

Parody-elements aside, Superman shares similarities with One Punch Man. And you’ll enjoy the approach One Punch Man decides to take.


5. The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

Idaten Deities Know Only Peace hayato rin gif

Idaten Deities is a relatively new anime series, released in 2021. It’s an anime about Gods, humans, and demons in a nutshell.

The gods (Deities) have their own interests, and don’t really care about humans in the way they would in a cliche anime series.

Their main goal was maintaining the peace after defeating demons 100’s of years ago, and destroying the NEW types of demons that have come about during the anime’s present storyline.

Overpowered characters, cartoon-ish style art, solid fight scenes and even better writing. This is a perfect anime for fans of Superman to get into.


6. Charlotte

Charlotte yu otosaka laying on ground

Charlotte is an anime about teenagers and the superpowers they gain during their teenage years. It apparently disappears once they’re no longer teenagers.

Yuu Otosaka, one of the main characters misuses his abilities to control others and “cheat” in exams to get perfect scores.

Once group of characters lead by Nao Tomori, characters who also have abilities, runs into Yuu Otosaka and sets him on the right path.

This is part of their goals. To make sure people aren’t misusing their abilities for deeper reasons that gets revealed later.

It’s a familiar and relevant enough setting for Superman fans, but not as dramatic as far as superstrength.

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7. A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index episode 1

A Certain Magical Index is an anime series with many variations to its story, including Railgun.

This world is filled with espers. Academy City is a city built for espers to live in, compete in, and to build up their abilities.

Of millions of espers, only 5 are ranked level 5. And Touma Kamijou is ranked 0 because of his mysterious power to REJECT or cancel out all abilities and magic with his right hand.

Stick it out until the end of season 1, the beginning of season 2, and things start to pick up as far as pacing, battles, plot twists and more.


What other anime shows are like Superman?

Share your ideas in the comments…


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