The Best 20+ “Air” Anime Quotes For Fans To Remember

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Air Anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Yukito Kunisaki.
  • Michiru.
  • Misuzu Kamio.
  • Minagi Tohno.
  • Haruka Kamio.
  • Kano Kirishima.
  • Kannabi No Mikoto.

Air is a 2005 romance/drama series produced by Kyoto Animation. And is considered a great romance by some in the community.

It’s also a visual novel series.

Whether you’re a fan and want some official quotes to remember the anime. Or you’re looking for anime quotes in general, this post will do the trick.

Here are the best lines from Air.

Both from the anime and visual novel.


1. Minagi Tohno Quotes

minagi tohno quotes

“May the brilliance of the stars cleanse our souls.” – Minagi Tohno


minagi tohno quotes 1

“I wanted to be with you two forever. I wanted to feel the same wind as you. Others might laugh at me, saying that I’m only dreaming. They might tell me off, saying that dreams are only fantasies, but… I don’t mind.” – Minagi Tohno


minagi tohno quotes 2

“People can’t live without their memories. But hey can’t live on their memories alone either. They have to wake up from their dreams. Those dreams will become sadness if they don’t. Even if you wake up from your dream, your memories will still be there. So please smile. I want our memories to be happy to the very end. I wish everyone would keep smiling so that everyone could be happy and everybody could be warmer.” – Minagi Tohno


minagi tohno quotes 3

“Everyone has a place they want to reach.” – Minagi Tohno


minagi tohno quotes 4

“That girl didn’t even have the chance to be born, much less cry.” – Minagi Tohno


minagi tohno quotes 5

“Is there any purpose to wings that can’t fly?” – Minagi Tohno


minagi tohno quotes 6

“I want a sister to play house and blow bubbles with me.” – Minagi Tohno


minagi tohno quotes 7

“The moment my sister disappeared from this world, I lost my place.” – Minagi Tohno


2. Misuzu Kamio Quotes

misuzu kamio quotes

“This is the end of my dream. My wings forgot how to fly, since I only kept pretending to flap them. Is there a meaning to wings that can’t fly?” – Misuzu Kamio


misuzu kamio quotes 1

“Isn’t that a romantic thought? That your true self is in the sky!” – Misuzu Kamio


3. Yukito Kunisaki Quotes

yukito kunisaki quotes

“I want to live my life holding on to everything that makes me. That includes my ugliness.” – Yukito Kunisaki


yukito kunisaki quotes 1

“There is a meaning for wings that cannot fly! It’s a precious memory of when you once flew in the sky.” – Yukito Kunisaki


yukito kunisaki quotes 2

“If the farewell’s aren’t sad, then what’s the point in meeting to begin with?” – Yukito Kunisaki


yukito kunisaki quotes 3

“It’s not a dream. I want to show you the real world. Let’s go see the world together.” – Yukito Kunisaki


4. Kannabi No Mikoto Quotes

kanabi no mikoto quotes

“It’s unbearable to be alone.” – Kannabi No Mikoto


kanabi no mikoto quotes 1

“Mother never lies! So, if I don’t do it well, that will make her a liar! Mother! Mother!” – Kannabi No Mikoto


kanabi no mikoto quotes 2

“There’s no point in yearning for the impossible.” – Kannabi No Mikoto


5. Michiru Quotes

michiru air quotes

“Humans can’t live without memories, you know. Still, they can’t live on memories alone. You have to awaken from your dreams eventually. Because dreams you don’t awaken from eventually become sadness.” – Michiru


6. Haruka Kamio Quotes

haruka kamio quotes

“Who are ya to Misuzu?” – Haruka Kamio


7. Kano Kirishima Quotes

kano kirishima quotes

“Hey! Have you ever wished you could do magic?” – Kano Kirishima


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