A Collection Of Kengan Ashura Quotes For Manga & Anime Fans

Kengan Ashura quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Jun Sekibayashi.
  • Kure Karia.
  • Ohma Tokita.

Kengan Ashura was originally a Manga series, adapted into an anime in 2019 by Netflix. It’s a bloody anime with a hint of depth and the meaning that comes with it. As seen with the quotes.

To avoid wasting your time, let’s get into the anime quotes from Kengan Ashura worth sharing.


1. Ohma Tokita Quotes

“A true hero is a man of few words.” – Ohma Tokita


“I kill in order to survive.” – Ohma Tokita


2. Jun Sekibayashi Quotes

“You all have options. You kind of fighters have the option to run away. You can take it, you can dodge, or you can even hide. You can do whatever it takes to protect yourselves. On the other hand… Us wrestlers have only duties. Whether it’s a blugen a blade or a bomb. Pro wrestlers have a the duty of facing it head on and dealing with it. Those are your options, and my duties.” – Jun Sekibayashi


“You don’t get it do you, that a pro-wrestler can take your blows, and keep going!” – Jun Sekibayashi


3. Kure Karla Quotes

“I really want to have your children.” – Kure Karla


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