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The Most Powerful Devilman Crybaby Quotes That Go DEEP

devilman crybaby quotes
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Devilman Crybaby quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Akira Fudo.
  • Ryo Asuka.
  • Miki Makimura.
  • Kozo Makimura.
  • Kaim.Crying fo
  • Satan.

Devilman Crybaby has mixed views from anime fans in the community. But one thing that can’t be doubted is the quality overall of this Netflix produced anime series.

Some of that quality leaks into the quotes and the anime’s darkest moments.

This post will touch on those Devilman Crybaby quotes, and share only the best!

Let’s get started.


1. Kozo Makimura Quotes

kozo makimura quotes

“Taro you’re no longer my son, this is for your own good. Why God, Why?” – Kozo Makimura


2. Satan Quotes

satan quotes devilman crybaby

“Love doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as love. Therefore, there’s no sorrow. That’s what I thought.” – Satan


3. Kaim Quotes

kaim quotes devilman crybaby

“Even bloodstained, you are beautiful Sirene.” – Kaim


4. Miki Makimura Quotes

miki makimura quotes

“Why do I run? When I run forward, maybe something behind me will change. Even if it’s trivial, even if it’s just a tiny bit.” – Miki Makimura


miki makimura quotes 1

“Crying for other people and thinking about other people. That might just be a fantasy. But if it’s a person with a heart like that, even if that person is a demon or a human, I’ll accept that person.” – Miki Makimura


miki makimura quotes 2

“It’s easy to give people the cold shoulder. It’s harder to try and understand them. Even family members you’ve been with your whole life, will sometimes show you a new side to them. I wanna understand. I’ll try not to judge people because I wanna feel secure.” – Miki Makimura


miki makimura quotes 3

“Well, you are the anchor after all.” – Miki Makimura


5. Akira Fudo Quotes

akira fudo quotes

“I promise I’ll come back.” – Akira Fudo


akira fudo quotes 1

“You’re not a demon, you’re not a human either. You’re a devilman, and so I will save you.” – Akira Fudo


akira fudo quotes 2

“I’m not going to make a deal with a devil like you.” – Akira Fudo


6. Ryo Asuka Quotes

ryo asuka quotes

“Demons exist. There could be one right next to you.” – Ryo Asuka


ryo asuka quotes 1

“Even the strongest or the fastest are no match for the vast majority of the animal kingdom. Weapons and vehicles are what bring out the best in human beings.” – Ryo Asuka

Featured image source: Devilman Crybaby wallpaper



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