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15+ Memorable Quotes From Working!! For Slice Of Life Fans

Working!! anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Aoi Yamada.
  • Popura Taneshima.
  • Souta Takanashi.
  • Yachiyo Todoroki.
  • Maya Matsumoto.
  • Mahiru Inami.
  • Hiroomi Souma.
  • Kyouko Shirafuji.

Working!! (Wagnaria) is a slice of life series produced by A-1 Pictures. With similarities to Blend S Or Is The Order A Rabbit?

While the quotes here are more quirky and less dramatic, there are some meaningful ones. And some funny quotes that will remind you as a fan of this anime.

Let’s get into it.


1. Souta Takanashi Quotes

Souta Takanashi quotes

“Senpai, you’re so small and cute!” – Souta Takanashi


2. Aoi Yamada Quotes

Aoi Yamada quotes

“Mere scores do not measure a person’s worth.” – Aoi Yamada


Aoi Yamada quotes 1

“All the other staff members are friendly to each other here, but you have no friends.” – Aoi Yamada


Aoi Yamada quotes 2

“You don’t waste your time following someone around unless you like him. Stalking is a sign of love.” – Aoi Yamada


3. Popura Taneshima Quotes

Popura Taneshima quotes

“I’m not an elementary student!” – Popura Taneshima


Popura Taneshima quotes 1

“Calling me small, you’re so mean!” – Popura Taneshima


4. Yachiyo Todoroki Quotes

Yachiyo Todoroki quotes

“I love you, Satou-kun.” – Yachiyo Todoroki


Yachiyo Todoroki quotes 1

“I didn’t really go to school once high school started and now sometimes I regret it.” – Yachiyo Todoroki


5. Mahiru Inami Quotes

Mahiru Inami quotes

“Yes… I want him to say I’m cute.” – Mahiru Inami


6. Maya Matsumoto Quotes

Maya Matsumoto quotes

“But even if you’re normal, normally, normal isn’t how things go.” – Maya Matsumoto


7. Kyouko Shirafuji Quotes

Kyouko Shirafuji quotes

“I like anyone who gives me food.” – Kyouko Shirafuji


Kyouko Shirafuji quotes 1

“I don’t really know what’s going on but Yachiyo’s mine.” – Kyouko Shirafuji


8. Hiroomi Souma Quotes

Hiroomi Souma quotes

“I failed! For the first time in my life someone found a weakness to use against me.” – Hiroomi Souma


Hiroomi Souma quotes 1

“I just dislike talking about myself.” – Hiroomi Souma


Hiroomi Souma quotes 2

“I’m Souma Hiroomi. It’s nice to meet you.” – Hiroomi Souma

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