7 Of The Most Powerful Female Anime Characters You’ll Ever Lay Eyes On

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What makes a female anime character powerful anyway?

Is it strength? Speed? Ability? Magic?

Or is it a strong personality, the ability to persevere, being a good role model… Or something else?

However you define it, I’d say it’s a mixture of all those things.

And supernatural strength has little to do with it.

That being said, here are 7 of the most powerful female anime characters.

Some of which are either new, unheard of, unpopular or deserve some credit!


1. Shizuku Ichijou

Powerful Female Anime Characters
What makes this woman so powerful?

Shizuku Ichijou is from the anime series: Alice To Zouroku.

She has 366 weapons capable of all kinds of different spells, magic and abilities.

Each weapon has its own set of operations. So for example – each weapon is able to do multiple things.

And Shizuku’s weapons are assigned by a number.

The lower the number (below 10) is the strongest and most difficult to control.

The higher the number (360) is weaker and easier to control in comparison.

And she can summon any one of them within a moments notice.

On top of this, most of her weapons have yet to be revealed so there’s more to discover.

Another good point: Shizuku has 13 Grimoire’s (a grimoire is a book of magic spells).

It’s no exaggeration to say Shizuku will defeat Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail.

Or even Saber from the anime: Fate Stay Night.

Besides Shizuku’s strength, she’s calm, agile, observant and highly skilled in combat.

Making her an all around powerful character with lots of discipline.

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2. Wilhelmina Carmel

Powerful Female Anime Characters

Wilhelmina Carmel is from the anime series: Shakugan No Shana.

She may look like a pretty maid, and in fact you’d be right.

But besides that she’s much more powerful than her appearance would suggest.

She has the ability to manipulate ribbons. Which can be used to defend herself, grab an enemy, or even explode and obliterate anyone it touches.

It’s amazing nobody thinks of a powerful female anime character like Wilhelmina Carmel.

Especially knowing how powerful she is in comparison to others who hog the spotlight.

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3. Kuroko Shirai

Powerful Female Anime Characters
Kuroko Shirai’s one of the main characters in: A Certain Scientific Railgun.

What makes this teenager so powerful? Her teleportation ability.

At first it might seem boring, typical and not that “great”. But Kuroko is different.

She’s not only able to teleport herself at incredible speeds… She can teleport any object or person she chooses to.

For example – she can teleport a piece of glass into a persons body.

Or teleport a car and have it land on an her opponents.

Anything Kuroko touches can be transported anywhere she chooses, even if inside another person.

And that’s what makes Kuroko worthy of this list. Also she knows how to fight in hand-to-hand combat.

The truth is: There are few female anime characters (Erza included) who could challenge her.

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4. Tohru

Powerful Female Anime Characters
Tohru is one of the main dragon characters from: Miss Kobayashi’s Maid.

The joke here is – Tohru is a maid from a slice of life/comedy series.

Miss Kobayashi’s maid has nothing to do with superpowers, power levels or anything of the sort.

And it’s NOT an anime you’d think of associating with powerful female characters.

And yet… Tohru is strong enough to defeat over 90% of female anime characters.

Here’s an example of Tohru’s strength:


In the above video, she’s “toying around” with Kanna Kumui.

This is one of the few episodes that showcases her strength.

And in all honesty, it’s comparable to the level of strength seen in Dragon Ball Z.

And few characters, male or female even come close to that.


5. Ryuko Matoi

Powerful Female Anime Characters

Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist of: Kill La Kill.

She’s powerful enough to create a massive shock-wave when fighting Satsuki Kiryuin.

Which is something you see in few anime’s like DBZ.

the most powerful female anime characters.

Also Ryuko has the ability to regenerate. Making her a tough character to defeat like Super Buu.

Add her skills, strength, speed and endurance to that… And you start to see why Ryuko’s on this list.

Nothing fancy about her power. Just that she’s powerful. Plain and simple.

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6. Lina Inverse

Powerful Female Anime Characters
The young maiden from anime: Slayers, has DBZ level strength.

Or I should say Dragon Ball level strength.

Lina’s magic is able to destroy towns, cities, countries and even the entire planet.

The only major drawback of Lina Inverse’s power is how long it takes to summon.

Also one of Lina’s spells: The Ragna Blade can cut through dimensions and space itself.

If you don’t know of Lina Inverse it’s understandable. As the anime was made back in the early 90’s!

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7. Akame

Powerful Female Anime Characters

Akame’s a skilled assassin with years of training and discipline in the art of battle.

Unlike ordinary humans, Akame’s super-fast, agile and knows how to fight like a pro.

Add that to the fact she carries around a sword capable of poisoning (and killing) anyone it grazes within a matter of seconds… And you realize just how dangerous and powerful Akame really is.

The only way to overpower Akame is:

  • Have a defense/body made of steel to deflect Akame’s sword.
  • Or be much faster and powerful.

And not too many female anime characters fit that role in comparison.


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