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The Best Collection Of Inuyashiki Quotes For Anime Fans

Inuyashiki quotes taken from characters:

  • Inuyashiki Ichiro.
  • Shishigami Hiro.
  • Inuyashiki Mari.

Inuyashiki is a Seinen/psychological series with dark undertones and a lot of depth. Even humor at times.

You see this with the quotes. Some will make you think, others laugh, and will jog your memory if you’ve seen the anime.

Here’s the best lines Inuyashiki has to offer.


1. Shishigami Hiro Quotes

Shishigami Hiro quotes |

“I don’t want someone with a horrible personality.” – Shishigami Hiro


Shishigami Hiro quotes 1 |

“One Piece is crazy good this week. Totally gave me the feels man.” – Shishigami Hiro


Shishigami Hiro quotes 2 |

“He must not understand the weight of human life.” – Shishigami Hiro


2. Inuyashiki Ichiro Quotes

Inuyashiki Ichiro quotes |

“I’m just helping people and saving lives because I’m too scared to face the possibility.” – Inuyashiki Ichiro


Inuyashiki Ichiro quotes 1 |

“I only feel truly human when I save the lives of others.” – Inuyashiki Ichiro


Inuyashiki Ichiro quotes 2 |

“Death is what makes life so precious and dear to us.”- Inuyashiki Ichiro


3. Inuyashiki Mari Quotes

Inuyashiki mari quotes |

“Just because someone’s a good guy doesn’t mean they wouldn’t kill someone.” – Inuyashiki Mari


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