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18+ GREAT The God Of High School Quotes Fans Will Appreciate

The God Of High School Quotes taken from characters:

  • Yu Mira.
  • Jin Pumgwang.
  • Park Mubong/Mujin.
  • Jin Mori.
  • Mira’s Father.
  • Woo Seungtae.
  • Han Daewi.

The God Of High School is a martial arts style shonen, with that being a big focus.

In usual shonen style, you have your progression, life lessons, and relevant quotes to point towards.

This anime doesn’t have as many as longer shonen, but still great quotes you can relate to and appreciate.

Here’s the best quotes the anime has to offer!


God Of High School Quotes:


1. Yu Mira Quotes

yu mira quotes |

“I have to protect my Family’s sword! Have you ever had that kind of responsibility?” – Yu Mira


yu mira quotes 1 |

“I will protect the Moon Light Sword in my own way, however I can.” – Yu Mira


2. Jin Mori Quotes

jin mori quotes |

“How the hell did you live before, that I’m bombarded with guilt and resentment everywhere.” – Jin Mori


jin mori quotes 1 |

“My family has a saying.. “Do what you want.” That’s what my grandpa taught me.” – Jin Mori


jin mori quotes 2 |

“The stronger our opponents are, the more fun it’ll be!” – Jin Mori


jin mori quotes 3 |

“A dream means nothing, if you don’t grab it with your own hands!” – Jin Mori


3. Jin Pungwang Quotes

jin pungwang quotes |

“As long as you don’t give up, you’ll get where you want to be.” – Jin Pungwang


4. Mira’s Father Quotes

miras father quotes god of high school |

“Using your own techniques will make your play out as you wish. That is the secret of my sword style.” – Mira’s Father


5. Han Daewi Quotes

han daewi quotes |

“I can’t afford to lose.” – Han Daewi


han daewi quotes 1 |

“I used to have a wish a few months ago, but now I don’t really have one. If I had to have one… maybe helping Jin Mori to get what he wants?” – Han Daewi


han daewi quotes 2 |

“You slipped and fell. Only a coward would try to attack someone in that position.” – Han Daewi


6. Park Mubong/Mujin Quotes

Park Mubong quotes |

“You can only know the true face of a man when he hits rock bottom… Whether he’s the son of a tiger or rabbit.” – Park Mubong/Mujin


park mubong mujin quotes |

“When a man is at his lowest, that’s when you see who he truly is.” – Park Mubong/Mujin


park mubong mujin quotes 1 |

“Diligent application to the task is fundamental for one’s growth.” – Park Mubong/Mujin


7. Jin Taejin Quotes

jin taejin quotes |

“Huh? H..hey? Hold on… I’m still transforming… okay?!” – Jin Taejin


8. Woo Seungtae Quotes

Woo Seungtae quotes |

“All of life is a battle. You gotta keep fighting if you want to live.” – Woo Seungtae


Woo Seungtae quotes 1 |

“Once I’ve given all I have, I can admit defeat like a man.” – Woo Seungtae


Woo Seungtae quotes 2 |

“Have faith in them. The more you trust someone, the more they’ll trust you too.” – Woo Seungtae

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