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24+ Anime With A Similar Art Style To Demon Slayer (As Far As QUALITY)

Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer) isn’t going away. Its officially left its footprint in the anime industry, regardless of how you feel about it’s overall quality.

One thing that can’t be denied though is:

  • The visual quality.
  • The aesthetics.
  • The solid animation.
  • The gorgeous art style.

And basically anything connected to the visual department of Demon Slayer, courtesy of Ufotable studios.

It’s the one thing that carries the anime, and the one thing that could destroy it if the visuals ever dipped in quality.

Here’s a list of anime with visuals ON PAR or similar to Demon Slayer!


1. Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

vivy diva eyes gif anime beautiful |

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song is an anime I’ve mentioned a lot as of late. It’s from 2021 and was one of the best of the year.

Vivy (or Diva as she’s known) as artificial intelligence. Her mission is to make people smile through her singing. This goal is sidetracked when a robot from the future warns her of an incoming threat.

The artificial intelligence of the future wiped out the human race, and both Matsumoto (future robot) and Vivy work together to prevent the upcoming war.

The aesthetics are unmatched.


2. Violet Evergarden

violet evergarden gif beautiful visuals anime |

Violet Evergarden is Kyoto Animation’s most gorgeous looking anime I’d say. Especially of recent times.

It’s about Violet, a girl who was an orphan and was used as a tool for the previous war. Groomed for battle.

The aftermath of the war and those experiences is taking its toll on her emotionally.

She’s now on a mission of self discovery and personal development, and she helps people along the away by helping them express bottled up emotions via written letters.

Each episode feels so full you’d almost think you watched an entire series. There’s nothing like it. It’s a masterpiece.


3. Attack On Titan

attack on titan survey corps gif |

Attack On Titan is in the history books at this point. It’s too big, too popular, too successful, and too respected to fail.

The anime is initially about man eating titans that resemble big naked ugly looking humans. The first episode is traumatic, and sets the stage for what’s to come.

It’s a case of humanity fighting for their own survival, but the story gets deeper than that with its own set of plot twists.

The visuals have always been one of my favorite in anime. It leans on the realistic side of anime art.

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4. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

ikuma gif kabaneri of the iron fortress anime |

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is by WIT studios, the same studio that was managing Attack On Titan for so many years.

Similar to AOT, the plot is about Kabane, a type of creature who’s killing off humans by the 100’s. They’re more like zombies but different and more aggressive and powerful.

Ikuma, a scientist and a smart protagonist, along with Mumei, a half human, half kabane girl work together to protect the peace.


5. Fate Zero

YouTube video

Fate Zero is an anime that’s STILL shining to this day with its visuals, aesthetics, and some of the sickest fight scenes an anime has produced.

Made by Ufotable, the same studio as Demon Slayer, it’s only natural to add it to this list and it’s not surprising why the anime has good visuals.

Ufotable is known for this with its most popular anime.

Fate Zero is about servants and masters who fight to the death to make their wish to the magical “holy grail”. They fight in the holy grail war to attain their wish.

The anime itself is deeper than just that, with a well written set of characters few anime can ever compare to.


6. Akame Ga Kill

akame eyes gif trump card anime |

Akame Ga Kill is an anime done by studio white fox. They’re known for Jormungand, Re:Zero, and other anime.

This is the one with some of the best visuals they’ve shown us over the years.

Akame Ga Kill is simple and straightforward. It’s about destroying the capital, the government, killing the politicians and bringing about a revolution to destroy the corruption in modern society.

People are sick of being in poverty, being abused, manipulated, taxed to the bone, and living in fear of being killed just for daring to disagree.

The anime is unconventional in the way it kills off important characters, and is more realistic than the majority of Shounen anime.

The action scenes and fights are some of the greatest to this day.

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7. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks

fate stay night unlimited blade works gif fight saber |

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is another version of the “FATE” series, following a different plot and characters to an extent.

This anime is about Shirou Emiya, and his journey through the holy grail war and his relationship with characters like Saber, who’s a servant.

The fight scenes are an example of what Ufotable brings to the table yet again. And even after all these years it still looks stunning.

Story wise I’d say Fate Zero is better, but both are unreal with their visual quality.


8. The Ancient Magus Bride

the ancient magus bride hatori eyes gif |

The Ancient Magus Bride is an anime about Hatori Chise, an ex-orphan and slave. And Elias Ainsworth, the man who buys her at an auction.

Once she starts living with Elias, luckily for her, she can now relax and look forward to living a normal, healthy life. With happiness being a possibility for once in her life.

She learns to use magic, and develops her self confidence, overcoming her shortcomings and insecurities.

The scenery, backgrounds, art style and visuals are in a league of their own.


9. Monogatari

araragi kun monogatari gif anime |

Monogatari is still a gorgeous looking anime to this day. And that’s unsurprising since studio SHAFT has some gorgeous visuals.

This anime is about a lot of things. Broken down, it’s about Koyomi Araragi, and his relationships with other characters in a mysterious world filled with unexplainable things.

Vampires, ghosts, spirits, there’s a lot to the overall plot and theme of this anime, but one thing it does well is dialogue.

It’s an anime with tons of dialogue but is interesting enough to drive everything forward, and reveal clues as to what’s happening and why.


10. The World In Colors

hitomi the world in colors anime gif art |

The World In Colors is an anime from 2018, and was done by P.A Works. An anime known for shows like Shirobako and Charlotte.

Hitomi, the main character, is unable to see the world in colors. She’s color blind. Monochrome is all she sees.

She’s from a family lineage of witches.

Naturally she wants to see color for the first time, or at least once. She’s transported to a time in the past and meets family members while they’re still young, so there’s a time traveling aspect that’s relevant to the story.

Visuals are nice and it’s a somewhat underappreciated anime many aren’t aware of.


11. One Punch Man

one punch man punch gif |

One Punch Man, more so the original OPM from Madhouse (season 1) has some stellar visuals and beautiful art with some sick fight scenes.

It’s so good that season 1 alone carried the OPM brand for years and still does.

Saitama, the balled headed MC once had a head full of hair. He was a business man. That changed one day after fighitng for his life and protecting a kid.

He trains so hard he loses all his hair, but gains so much power that he can defeat anyone, even supernaturally strong enemies in a single punch.

This makes him depressed, empty, and indifferent. The concept of losing or being challenged is thrown out the window, and the anime allows you to empathize with his situation.

It’s the one thing that makes Saitama stand out as a protagonist.


12. Takt OP Destiny

takt op destiny anime gif |

Takt OP Destiny came out in 2021, and was a highlight for the year overall. MAPPA and Madhouse studios worked on it, so it was guaranteed to look good and be written well enough.

In this world you have conductors and musicarts. The latter is used when monsters like D2 appear, or in other words to destroy these monsters.

Music is a big part of not just the fights, but the world at large, the characters, the plot, and of course some of the art style and effects.

It’s an artistic approach to sci-fi and action, with some knockout visuals to back it up.

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13. Girls Frontline

girls frontline anime gif visuals |

Girls Frontline (or Dolls Frontline) may not be a masterpiece of a series, but the visuals don’t lie and could never.

Adapted from a video game, Girls Fonrltine is about artificial intelligence, or as they’re called “dolls”. They fight to protect the last of the human race.

Their enemy is a set of dolls who are essentially rebelling and considered dangerous because of it.

You can think of the anime as a “cute girls doing cute things” but in a military sense with plenty of guns, and action.


14. The Garden Of Sinners

the garden of sinners gif anime eyes |

The Garden Of Sinners is a part of the FATE universe. This anime in particular is in a parallel universe to Fate Stay Night/Fate Zero.

Shiki Ryogi is the female MC of this anime. Black hair, stunning visuals, sharp art style, and recognizable eyes.

She’s reserved and seemingly cold.

With each episode being more like a short movie in length, and each episode being mysterious and sometimes puzzling, this is the type of anime you watch to stimulate your mind.

It keeps you guessing, curious, and wanting to know more about how things will play out., or where things are headed.

In that way it’s different to the usual FATE style, and can be considered an underappreciated anime.


15. God Eater

god eater gif anime visuals |

God Eater, adapted from a video game, is an anime that does CGI the right way.

CGI has always struggled and it shows in a lot of the final products being awful to look at. You won’t see this problem with God Eater.

The story is about Aragami, a type of monster ravaging the world and killing off the human race. It started with a scientific experiment gone wrong.

A select set of humans if accepted are able to become God Eater’s, wielding a weapon that can kill Aragami.

AOT and Kabaneri fans will enjoy the plot, the unbelievably realistic visuals, and the art style overall.

Demon Slayer’s good, but the realism doesn’t compare to God Eater.


16. The Garden Of Words

the garden of words gif rain anime |

The Garden Of Words is probably the most visually pleasing, eye candy type of anime movie to ever be released in the industry.

Nothing comes close.

The rain hitting the floor, rain drops falling off leaves, the character designs of the main characters, the aesthetics of every detail, it’s in a world of its own when talking about quality.

The movie lasts only 45 minutes, and the visuals feel so real it doesn’t feel like you’re watching an anime.


17. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

elma vs tohru gif anime fight |

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, season 1 and season 2 are on point with the visuals. It’s another anime from Kyoto Animation with incomparable visual quality.

This is a slice of life series about Tohru, a dragon who ends up being a maid for Kobayashi, an average office worker who’s an introvert.

They both meet when drunk, and that’s how the friendship develops, leading to Tohru’s friends getting to know Kobayashi later.

It’s the type of slice of life that has the visuals, action, and fight scenes to make the average Shounen seem average in comparison. Even though “fighting” isn’t the point of this anime.

No opportunity is wasted with its art or animation.


18. Land Of The Lustrous

land of the lustrous gif anime beautiful visuals |

Land Of The Lustrous is an underappreciated anime from 2018. It’s in the mystery/sci-fi genre, with some action and heartwarming episodes.

It’s also a CGI anime done right.

The story revolves around Gems as they’re called. They can live forever as long as they’re not smashed to pieces too small to put back together.

The gems are being targeted by Lunarians, a type of oppressor in this world that see’s anyone different as an enemy.

Every episode reveals a little more at a time, and the mystery starts to become a little clearer. But it leaves enough room to make you think, and there are unanswered questions.

All in all, it’s a unique series with its own dazzling art style.


19. Jujutsu Kaisen

jujutsu kaisen gif visuals anime |

Jujutsu Kaisen is about spirits or as they’re called, “curses”. The world is actually similar to Bleach, and a lot of the anime is modelled after it.

Yuji Itadori can see spirits, just like Ichigo, and after swallowing a set of cursed fingers a powerful demon now lives inside his body.

A team of sorcerers are trained and used to hunt down and destroy curses to prevent them from killing humans and other sorcerers trained to exercise curses.

Some curses are called “special grade” because of how much more powerful they are. And in some cases more intelligent.

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20. Akudama Drive

akudama drive gif anime |

Akudama Drive is an anime that released in 2020. Studio Perriot was the one behind it. Same studio as Bleach, Naruto, and others.

This action sci-fi is about criminals, one in particular who’s murdered 999 people. Things start to shift and the story takes off in another direction.

Can’t call it my favorite anime, but it’s decently rated and the visuals are on par with Demon Slayer without a doubt.


21. Fate Stay Night: Heavens Feel

fate stay night heavens feel anime gif |

Fate Stay Night: Heavens Feel is one of the latest FATE anime of recent times. And like most of every other fate anime, the visuals don’t slack off.

The fights, the action, the hair movements, body, background scenes, small details, everything shines and looks too good to look away from.

That’s to be expected from Ufotable studios.


22. Fire Force

shinra vs rekka gif fire force |

This anime is about infernals, which are basically humans who combust (set alight) and become a type of mindless demon.

Fire Force companies, mainly company number 8 put out these fires and “cleanse” the infernals to help them rest in peace.

There’s a bigger, more sinister plot and war going on in the background that’s responsible for human combustion and other events taking place in and around Tokyo.

Fire Force is the underrated anime of the last decade (2010’s). Fan service in the first season probably let it down a bit at times.

Season 2 focuses more on action and takes things a lot more seriously.


23. Sword Art Online

kirito fight gif sao boss |

This anime is about survival inside of a virtual reality game where the players DIE in real life if they die in the game. This theme continues in different ways with each season.

Sword Art Online, hate it or love it, is an anime that’s always been known for its visual quality and stunning fight scenes.

Even season 1 looked good, season 2 got better, and then Alicization and SAO progressive took the visual quality to levels never thought possible.

This is the anime that made Isekai cool when no one cared for the abstract genre, and the one to make VR gaming style anime popular.

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24. Mob Psycho 100

shigeo kageyama gif |

Mob Psycho 100 by studio bones is an anime with a fresh look and a fresh approach to animation. In a way it feels similar to One Punch Man.

Shigeo Kageyama, the MC who’s called “mob” is a shy, introverted kid with a mop head. He’s well behaved and not the type to start a fight or start sh*t for nothing.

When he’s tested and the pressure is put on him, his inner power explodes outward, releasing his power to “100”. This is the reason for 100 being in the anime’s name.

The story centers around Shigeo and his shady mentor (Reigen) who’s a surprisingly likable character.

Psychic powers are the main focus of this universe with characters like Shigeo being espers.



As you can see, there are plenty of anime, some which are 5 or 10 years older that STILL have comparable visuals to Demon Slayer.

Some are of a similar art style, others are of a similar or even better quality.

Demon Slayer’s overwhelming fame is just overshadowing other anime’s and making people forget Demon Slayer isn’t the pioneer of this shit.

And there are MORE anime I’ve missed as well.

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