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26+ Of The Greatest Medaka Box Quotes Of ALL Time!

Medaka Box quotes taken from characters:

  • Medaka Kurokami.
  • Misogi Kumagawa.
  • Hansode Shiranui.
  • Myouri Unzen.
  • Kouki Akune.
  • Najimi Ajimu.
  • Zenkichi Hitoyoshi.
  • Youka Naze.

Medaka Box is a superpower Shounen series with Ecchi elements in a school setting.

Produced by Gainax!

Even though it’s a short anime series, there’s still some takeaways, memorable moments and quotes that hold meaning.

Here are the best lines from Medaka Box!


1. Medaka Kurokami Quotes

“Those who win are not strong. It is those who lose and crawl back up who are strong.” – Medaka Kurokami


“There was no reason for me to get attacked by you. And therefore, there was no reason to dodge.” – Medaka Kurokami


“To enjoy what one loves to do”. Those words come easily from the mouth. But it’s another thing to help them grow.” – Medaka Kurokami


“Is the world too peaceful? Is the future bothersome? Is reality your enemy? Don’t worry, even if it is – LIFE IS EPIC.” – Medaka Kurokami


“It is meaningless to distinguish between the beautiful and the ugly, or between the talented and the ordinary. Every human struggles to survive.” – Medaka Kurokami


“People do not exist to follow rules. Rules exist to protect the people.” – Medaka Kurokami


“You shouldn’t judge a person based on circumstantial evidence.” – Medaka Kurokami


“I’ve just had my birthday. I am now sixteen years old. It has been decided that when I am twenty years old, I will succeed as the president of the Kurokami Group. That means I have only four years left. When that time comes I will probably be a different person from now. So for a little longer please let me be myself. I really enjoy this very much, this so called springtime of youth.” – Medaka Kurokami


“Every time I see people, I know people. I grew to admire people. I love people. As long as this feeling stays within me, instead of stating how the world goes, I want to question how the world goes.” – Medaka Kurokami


“Before I can be happy I wish to be free. I am so happy, because, for the first time I can fight for myself.” – Medaka Kurokami


2. Najimi Ajimu Quotes


Najimi Ajimu Quotes

“God, just how long are they going to squabble over such pointless things? They are all the same in my eyes. Nothing but a bunch of trash. Light and Darkness. Good and Evil. Poison and Antidote. Winning and Losing. Strength and Weakness. Black and White. Success and Failure. Happiness or Sorrow… They’re all the same after all. Why hasn’t everyone realized this already.” – Najimi Ajimu


“Comics that go longer than ten volumes just coast on their success. At least that’s my theory. And this has already gone three volumes over that. So just watch. I’ll end this manga before the anime starts.” – Najimi Ajimu


3. Kouki Akune Quotes

“If you’re going to make a wish, you must put forth the effort to ensure that it comes true!” – Kouki Akune


4. Myouri Unzen Quotes

“Rule breakers should be punished. If you go easy on them, they’ll think explaining their circumstances will get them forgiven, and the same thing will only happen again.” – Myouri Unzen


“It’s not justice if you don’t go overboard.” – Myouri Unzen


“If you claim to love humans, that should include their lies and betrayals, their sins and ugliness, their jealousy and immaturity, their hatred and conflicts.” – Myouri Unzen


“Justice and charity don’t mix.” – Myouri Unzen


5. Misogi Kumagawa Quotes

“With thrill and risk, I sharpen my nerves. I’m someone who would bet even under the worst circumstances.” – Misogi Kumagawa


“I really despised you, now and long ago. While I loved you, now and long ago. More than Hitomi-sensei, whom I admired. More than Anshin’in, whom I obeyed. More than my father, more than my mother, I loved you. From the moment I met you, back then. I tried real hard to grab your essence.” – Misogi Kumagawa


“Do you think it’s cool not to smile? If you go through life like that though, you wouldn’t notice. You can’t be close to being a Minus like that. Even if things don’t go the way you want them to. Even if you lose. Even if you don’t win. Even if you look like an idiot. Even if you’re walked on. Even if you’re kicked. Even if you’re sad. Even if you’re bitter. Even if you’re tired of it all. Even if it hurts. Even if it’s hard. Even if you’re weak. Even if you aren’t right. Even if you’re humble. Through all of that, we Minus always laugh.” – Misogi Kumagawa


“I want to beat them. Even though I’m not cool, or strong, or just, or beautiful, or cute, or pretty, I want to beat the cool, strong, just, beautiful, cute, and pretty people. Even though I wasn’t blessed with talent, even though I’m stupid and have a bad personality, have bad grades, am misguided and am a good for nothing, I want to beat the talented, smart, likeable, overachieving people. I want to beat those with friends when I can’t have friends. I want to beat the people who work hard when I can’t work hard. I want to beat the the victorious people when I can’t win. I want to beat the happy people when I’m miserable. Even if I’m hated, even if I’m despised, even if I’m useless, I want to prove that I’m better than the main characters!” – Misogi Kumagawa


6. Hansode Shiranui Quotes

“I really love you. I want you to be my friend forever.” – Hansode Shiranui


“It’s pointless to force people to do their best if they don’t want to.” – Hansode Shiranui


7. Youka Naze Quotes

“Something amazing can only be made after seeing hell.” – Youka Naze


“Putting on a bra is a pain in the *ss, so I don’t wear one. That’s why I always have my arms crossed, to hold them up.” – Youka Naze


8. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi Quotes

“I’m Hitoyoshi Zenkichi … a high schooler who couldn’t live alone, even for a second, and is as cool as the devil himself.” – Zenkichi Hitoyoshi

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