Japan Crate Subscription Box Review Here’s What You Can Expect

Japan Crate Subscription Box Review: Here’s What You Can Expect

Japan Crate, one of the OG’S of anime/Japan subscription boxes (in their own words), sent me a package to look at.

Seeing as I’ve done this kind of thing before, they wanted me to review their food and promote them, so here we are.

Of all the Japanese:

  • Food.
  • Sweets.
  • Chocolate.
  • Candy.

And the “goods” I’ve tasted, this has to be the best batch. You have to be careful if you have a sweet tooth.

Let’s break it down from product to product.

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As you can see, this is a happy new year version of their subscription box for 2023. And all the products are listed inside in a somewhat colourful setup.

The box itself (Japan Crate) is all red, so it makes a statement right out of the gate.

Let’s talk about each one of them (the food).


1. Maple butter chocolate


Noir chocolate and maple mixed together. I put this one first because of all the items, I loved the taste of this the most.

In fact, I liked it so much that I ate the whole thing straight, which is why I went to burn it all off hours later through intense exercise (to minimize the effects).

Who knew maple, butter, and chocolate could taste so dangerously good?


2. Vinegar chips

IMG 20230118 160334

These are the most “normal” food on the list. They taste just like salted crisps you can eat in the UK or USA, but with vinegar predominantly and that’s it.

They’re good, no doubt, but they’re not the most special out of this list.


3. Salty caramel puffs

IMG 20230118 160112

On the other hand, these salty caramel puffs are strangely good. I mean, It’s caramel in the form of crisps. But it tastes good as F, and it’s memorable.

I chilled out on eating these until the next day after I received the package. They’re also a treat.


4. Chocolate chestnut


These were the first ones I tried on the list of items. I was surprised by how good they tasted, given the combination of chestnut and chocolate.

They’re not too sweet at all and strike a good balance. Even the nutritional information shows it’s not over the top in the sugar/carbs department.


5. Koala’s March

IMG 20230118 160541

The packaging, as with a lot of Japanese products, is different and fun. You open the main product, and there’s a bag of koala chocolate cookies.

I ate the whole thing without hesitation, and the same day, I went ahead and burned off the junk with some intense cardio.

They’re dangerously good.


6. Delivery car strawberry mint

IMG 20230118 160148

The design for this is comical. It’s a truck. You open it up, and there are the strawberry mints inside. This is mints we’re talking about, so nothing sweet.

It’s pocket-sized. And it’s good for what it is.


7. Chocolate ice cream marshmallow

IMG 20230118 154301

This is in the form of an ice cream cone. But it’s not the same and doesn’t feel the same either. It’s soft.

It’s only small, so you can eat it whole. And it’s better for your weight compared to something like the salty caramel puffs, but that’s just me preaching.


8. Acorn Gum Cola

IMG 20230118 161714

This was weird. It’s cola-flavoured gum in a tiny little packet. I’m not into cola myself, but for a taste test, I can’t lie and say it wasn’t good.

It’s only gum, after all so don’t expect anything major when chewing on it.


9. Tokyo Revengers Chewing Gum

IMG 20230118 155733

As you can see, Draken is on the front cover of the chewing gum. Depending on which one you get, it can also be other characters.

When you open it, it is like an orange tint, which reminds me of Gloucester cheese here in the UK (the colour). And as you’d expect, it tastes good but isn’t anything dramatic.

Just a fun-themed anime chewing gum.


10. Skal energy Drink

IMG 20230118 161340

This was weird reading the description, but once I drank it, there were no complaints at all. It’s a milk-based soda, or in other words – a dairy drink.

The packaging looks more like a typical energy drink, but with milk inside, it’s nothing like any you’ve ever seen or tasted.

Goods tuff and pretty legit as far as nutritional value (B12, etc).


11. Orion Mini Fresh Ramune

IMG 20230118 161550

Ramune candies in a tiny little white bottle of sorts. It’s supposed to be used to add as a topping for cookies, cakes, chocolate, or whatever else.

You can eat them straight as well, and they’re not overly sweet by any stretch of the imagination. But they are sweet.


12. Panda and Piglet Mints

IMG 20230121 123438

The piglet part probably means that’s what you can get in the Japan Crate Subscription box, but I got the panda mints.

The mints are blue in colour, tiny, and have a standard taste without being overpowering at all.


13. Gabrichu Soft Cola

IMG 20230118 155640

Cola-flavoured candy in a nutshell. Unlike the other cola product, which is gum, this is pure candy, and it’s pretty tough as well to bite into.

Not a fan of cola, but in this form, it’s undeniably nice.


14. Petite Fortune Strawberry Milk

IMG 20230118 155515

I laughed when I first saw the packaging for this. It looks like paracetamol or a packet of legal drugs in the UK, but in reality, it’s strawberry milk in the form of little tablets.

When you eat it, the taste confirms it as well. It genuinely does taste like strawberry milk.

It’s legit.


15. Whistle Gum


Probably the least interesting on the list. This whistle gum is more gum, with a few in the packet.

I’d eat it to pass the time while travelling, but that’s about it.


16. Long Chew Cider

IMG 20230121 123412

This long ass piece of candy is big enough to share with everyone else unless you’d choose to eat it all for yourself.

It’s pretty tough, and another one of the things I wasn’t fond of from the subscription box compared to other items.


17. KitKat Coffee Break (Bonus)

No matter where you are in the world, most people like Kit Kat. But this style of kit kat has Nescafe inside of it. And I mean that literally.

It’s the gold blend version of Nescafe mixed with kit kat.

Can’t lie, I’m not a coffee drinker, but this kit kat was one of the best pieces of food in the entire subscription box from Japan Crate.


18. Sumikko Gurashi Purunchuchu

Sumikko Gurashi Purunchuchu DIY Jelly Candy Kit

This is a D.I.Y (do it yourself) kit for making 3D jelly. It even has instructions on how to make it.

The ingredient given to make the jelly has a jelly-like taste.

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And that’s the end of that

IMG 20230121 110358

If I was looking for a subscription box to subscribe to from Japan, JapanCrate is a legitimate and solid choice.

From the packaging to the food, the benefits make a lot of sense. I’d recommend it.

If you wanna get started, here’s how you can do it.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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