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22 Classic Anime Quotes From The Old School Series: Samurai Champloo!

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Samurai Champloo is one of the few anime I know to have mixed hip hop with old-school Samurai culture. There’s nothing like it for this unique reason.

And the contrast between each characters personality, attitude and “lifestyle” is what makes the quotes so differentiated and interesting to hear. Even if it’s a little explicit (in Mugen’s case).

If you’ve watched the anime, here are some of the best Samurai Champloo quotes to jog your memory!


22 Samurai Champloo Quotes:


1. Monk Zuiko Quotes


“Freedom cannot be forced into existence, nor can it be won through painful struggle. Freedom cannot be bought or sold. It has nothing to do with one’s social status; one’s profession is of no consequence. In order for you to accept yourself as you are and live with your soul at peace, you must simply teach yourself to let it be, only then will you discover freedom.” – Monk Zuiko


“Freedom, isn’t something earned through suffering or pushing yourself. You must accept yourself just as you are and live according to the flow of things; that is true freedom.” – Monk Zuiko


2. Fuu Kasumi Quotes

Fuu Kasumi Quotes 2

“They say “there’s always room for dessert”, but for me, it’s more like “there’s always room if someone else is paying.” – Fuu Kasumi


Fuu Kasumi Quotes 3

“Alright, that’s enough! You two made me a promise. You haven’t forgotten, have you? Until we find the “Samurai who smells of Sunflowers”, you two are not allowed to kill each other!” – Fuu Kasumi


Fuu Kasumi Quotes 1

“This world would be in darkness without a sense of duty.” – Fuu Kasumi


3. Jin Quotes

Jin Quotes Samurai Champloo 2

“Do you want to go through all the trouble of causing an uproar to expose the level of your idiocy? Try to moderate your self-importance.” – Jin


Jin Quotes Samurai Champloo 3

“Little b*tch.. Do people actually say things like that? I’ve never heard it before.” – Jin


Jin Quotes Samurai Champloo 4

“I have no desire to kill you. In fact, you’re not worth killing. Killing you, would only tarnish my blade.” – Jin


Jin Quotes Samurai Champloo 5

“I think I’ve found what I was looking for all this time. I, who was always alone… found comrades for the first time.” – Jin


Jin Quotes Samurai Champloo 1

“Cutting down a man who’s done nothing wrong. Is that what you spent all that time honing those skills for? In my opinion, you’re worthless.” – Jin


4. Mugen Quotes

Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 9

“I don’t believe in anyone but me and what I can do. See ya.” – Mugen


Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 1

“I don’t care how many damn dogs you got. It don’t amount to jack if they ain’t tough enough to bark when they’re out alone.” – Mugen


Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 2

“Fishing is a life and death struggle between man and fish. Forget this and you will most certainly get hurt.” – Mugen


Anime Motivation Quotes 3

“Don’t live your life making up excuses. The one making your choices is yourself!” – Mugen


Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 3

“I don’t give a rat’s a*s about going to hell. I guess it’s because I feel like I’m already there.” – Mugen


Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 4

“If you’re gonna send people after me, bring on the strongest you have.” – Mugen


Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 5

“When you point a sword at someone, either you kill them or they kill you, there ain’t no in between. So quit talkin’ like a f*ckin’ p*ssy. Anyone who can’t handle that should just SHUT THE F*CK UP and GET OVER IT!” – Mugen


Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 6

“I think that every day the sun rises, it may be the last time I bask in the sun.” – Mugen


Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 7

“If we were all the way up there, no one here’d look any bigger than a grain of sand.” – Mugen


Mugen Quotes Samurai Champloo 8

“If living means bowing down to the likes of you bastards, I’d rather die on my feet with my head held high.” – Mugen


5. Kagetoki Kariya Quotes

Kagetoki Kariya Quotes

“Only hope can give rise to the emotion we call despair. But it is nearly impossible for a man to try to live without hope, so I guess that leaves Man no choice but to walk around with despair as his companion.” – Kagetoki Kariya


6. Sara Quotes

Sara Quotes Samurai Champloo

“Everyone you meet has their own individual aura about them, it’s something I can sense… you see, I’ve walked in darkness for a very long time, a person can grow accustomed to anything… I may have lost my sight but I have much inner sense for other things as a result, so please don’t feel sorry for me.” – Sara


If any quotes were missed, throw them in the comments.


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