28+ Of The Most Important Donten Ni Warau Quotes For Anime Fans

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Donten Ni Warau Quotes taken from anime characters:

  • Tenka Kumo.
  • Nishiki.
  • Abeno Sousei.
  • Chuutarou Kumo.
  • Suramaru Kumo.
  • Kiiko Sasaki.
  • Shirasu Kinjou.

Donten Ni Warau is a fantasy series with historical elements and a family oriented vibe. Produced by Doga Kubo (Umaru Chan).

If you’re anime with mostly male anime characters, this is worth trying.

Aside from that – here are the best lines from the anime’s main characters.


1. Shirasu Kinjou Quotes

Shirasu Kinjou quotes

“I, yearning for Mother’s love, and my brother, yearning to be a Fuuma, fulfill each other’s wishes. The two of us are one.” – Shirasu Kinjou


Shirasu Kinjou quotes 1

“Since my rite of passage, Mother has not smiled at me even once.” – Shirasu Kinjou


Shirasu Kinjou quotes 2

“I was taught to doubt people. And taught to distrust everything. You might say that those here only know how to trust. What those three people won’t doubt…I’ll doubt on their behalf.” – Shirasu Kinjou


Shirasu Kinjou quotes 3

“If you want to harbour such doubts, that is your choice. I’m used to this kind of treatment.” – Shirasu Kinjou


Shirasu Kinjou quotes 4

“My brother, mother, and everyone else can live happily in the world I will create.” – Shirasu Kinkou


2. Chuutarou Kumo Quotes

Chuutarou Kumo quotes

“He is the only unique, true king of my world.” – Chuutarou Kumo


3. Nishiki Quotes

nishiki donten quotes

“The man I knew was not someone who could laugh like that.” – Nishiki


nishiki donten quotes 1

“Soramaru-sama is very gentle. It is just not in his nature to kill. That is what makes my lord so powerful. But it is also his weakness.” – Nishiki


nishiki donten quotes 2

“To convey my gratitude, if there is anything you need that I can help you with, just ask.” – Nishiki


nishiki donten quotes 3

“If I cannot move, please just use me as bait.” – Nishiki


nishiki donten quotes 4

“I have neither a place to go nor a purpose for my existence.” – Nishiki


nishiki donten quotes 5

“Neither the Fuuma’s hair nor eyes are originally white. When we are born we are the same as normal children, with black hair and black eyes. We are taught how to strategize, assassinate, and kill from childhood… Such is our life. Locked inside the darkness of a box… Day after day, the madness never ends. Living in darkness is what defines a Fuuma.” – Nishiki


4. Tenka Kumo Quotes

tenka kumo quotes

“This sword is never meant to kill, but to protect. It is yours to protect. When you get bigger, it will also protect you. The family, the shrine and the Kumo name. All of that is under the clouds. It’s okay my brother. I hope you will surpass me one day.” – Tenka Kumo


tenka kumo quotes 1

“Listen here. Don’t say you can’t. Words bind you the minute you say them. Believe in yourself! You can do anything!” – Tenka Kumo


tenka kumo quotes 2

“I chose being a brother over the nation’s future.” – Tenka Kumo


tenka kumo quotes 3

“Don’t place your hopes on me… I’m just a small man with his hands full just protecting the things around him.” – Tenka Kumo


tenka kumo quotes 4

“It’s okay, let it all out. Cry as much as you want… and become stronger, Soramaru.” – Tenka Kumo


tenka kumo quotes 5

“Soramaru… You told me not to leave you behind… But… You, who grows stronger every day, will soon arrive at the day when you no longer need me. That day, when you part from my hands, grown, and fly far, far away. The one that will be left behind…is me.” – Tenka Kumo


tenka kumo quotes 6

“You know, I’m a big brother. As only child gets a lot of love. They learn love from their parents’ undivided feelings. It’s the older brother’s duty to give that love to the next child. I got plenty of love. It’s your turn now.” – Tenka Kumo


tenka kumo quotes 7

“Together, let’s become the nameless heroes who’ll protect this country!” – Tenka Kumo


5. Soramaru Kumo Quotes

Soramaru Kumo quotes

“No matter who it is, everybody worries and goes through a lot of suffering. But even so, we live on because we hope for a day when we can smile again. It’s still too early to despair.” – Soramaru Kumo


Soramaru Kumo quotes 1

“By the time I could understand anything, he had already become family. He is a very reliable older brother.” – Soramaru Kumo


Soramaru Kumo quotes 2

“In my heart is always the image of Aniki’s back… he will never turn around. I have to stop watching his back and be his equal… that’s my goal. I’ll live up to him!” – Soramaru Kumo


Soramaru Kumo quotes 3

“Kumo Soramaru, the man who slugged you, and the man whose parents you killed. Remember it for the rest of your life!” – Soramaru Kumo


Soramaru Kumo quotes 4

“I can teach you a lot of things. This way you won’t have any time to be afraid! Have some hope for your life.” – Soramaru Kumo


6. Abeno Sousei Quotes

Abeno Sousei quotes

“Who said crying was a sign of weakness? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Humans learn to forget so that they can take in all that sadness and suffering. There are moments that only you know. Embrace those memories and cry, before you forget.” – Abeno Sousei


Abeno Sousei quotes 1

“You’re always above everyone else. But you make decisions and move forward by yourself, and no one can keep up with you. Even the much-loved sun is alone if no one can reach it.” – Abeno Sousei


7. Kiiko Sasaki Quotes


“No. I can’t let you go back. You’re not the way you were. Face the truth! Tenka. It’s okay. You have always been shouldering everything alone. You’ve already done enough. Just for once, be good and let others protect you.” – Kiiko Sasaki

Kiiko Sasaki quotes

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