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20+ Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Quotes Fans Will Love

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan wallpaper
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Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan quotes taken from characters:

  • Ikki Kurogane.
  • Stella Vermillion.
  • Nene Saikyo.
  • Shizuku Kurogane.
  • Ouma Kurogane.
  • Kurono Shinguuji.
  • Touka Toudou.
  • Eldelweiss.
  • Ayase Ayatsuji.
  • Kuraudo Kurashiki.
  • Kanata Totokubara.
  • Yuuri Oreki.
  • Ryouma Kurogane.
  • Reisen Hiraga.
  • Itsuki Kurogane.
  • Utakata Misogi.
  • Nagi Arisuin.
  • Or-Gaule.
  • Sara Bloodlily.
  • Naseem Al-Salem.

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan  (chivalry of a failed knight) is an action/romance series with similarities to Asterisk War. Produced by Studio Silverlink.

Unlike Asterisk War the anime is shorter, so there are less quotes.

If you’re a fan of the anime – here are all the best quotes worth sharing from the characters.

Let’s get started


1. Ouma Kurogane Quotes

Ouma Kurogane quotes

“I seek power, power inexorable. I seek defeat, defeat inevitable. For an A-Rank knight like me, the only one who can give this to me is Stella, who possesses that absolute magic. And… if I can overcome it… if I can do that, then perhaps this hand of mine will tremble no more.” – Ouma Kurogane


2. Ikki Kurogane Quotes

Ikki Kurogane quotes

“Here, with my greatest weakness, I’ll defeat your greatest strength!” – Ikki Kurogane


3. Edelweiss Quotes

Edelweiss quotes chivalry

“I am the demise who comes from the distant summit, the one who splits earth and sky with two blades. My name is Twin-Wings Edelweiss. Childish lad, you will learn how wide this world is.” – Edelweiss


4. Stella Vermillion Quotes

stellar vermillion quotes

“Pierce the blue sky, blaze of purgatory.” – Stella Vermillion


5. Nene Saikyo Quotes

Nene Saikyo quotes

“Don’t try to play make-believe with an adult, brat.” – Nene Saikyo


6. Shizuku Kurogane Quotes

Shizuku Kurogane quotes

“Yes. It’s been so long, Onii-sama.” – Shizuku Kurogane


7. Touka Toudou Quotes

Touka Toudou quotes

“I’ll take you on! With my invincible Raikiri!” – Touka Toudou


8. Kurono Shinguuji Quotes

Kurono Shinguuji quotes

“For entangling my own student on my own territory in their design, I’ll have them regret it until they die.” – Kurono Shinguuji


9. Ayase Ayatsuji Quotes

Ayase Ayatsuji quotes

“Righteousness without results is just caprice.” – Ayase Ayatsuji


10. Nagi Arisuin Quotes

Nagi Arisuin quotes

“I met Shizuku, and I finally remembered. What kind of adult I wanted to be. The desire that I myself tried to run away from, to rebel against, to throw away.” – Nagi Arisuin


11. Naseem Al-Salem Quotes

Naseem Al Salem quotes

“Blow them away, Mictlan · Tormenta.” – Naseem Al-Salem


12. Or-Gaule Quotes

Or Gaule quotes

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.” – Or-Gaule


13. Sara Bloodlily Quotes

Sara Bloodlily quotes

“There is a painting that I want to finish no matter what. But before I can paint it, I need to go around the world to widen my knowledge.” – Sara Bloodlily


14. Reisen Hiraga Quotes

Reisen Hiraga quotes

“I hate things that aren’t fun. It’s because I’m a Pierrot. I always have to be laughing.” – Reisen Hiraga


15. Ryouma Kurogane Quotes

Ryouma Kurogane quotes

“Are you frustrated to the fact that you are the weakest one? If so, hold on to that feeling. That’s proof that you haven’t given up yet, on yourself. Listen, don’t give up saying that you’re living within your boundaries. Don’t be a boring person like that. If you have the guts to not give up, you can become anything you want to be. We’re living creatures that don’t have wings, but still went to the moon.” – Ryouma Kurogane


16. Utakata Misogi Quotes

Utakata Misogi quotes

“Ahaha – Well, I’m a guy who does the impossible. If you can believe that.” – Utakata Misogi


17. Itsuki Kurogane Quotes

Itsuki Kurogane quotes

“Ikki, you became a big person.” – Itsuki Kurogane


18. Kanata Totokubara Quotes

Kanata Totokubara quotes

“I won’t run away. I’ll be with you until the end, Touka-chan.” – Kanata Totokubara


19. Yuuri Oreki Quotes

Yuuri Oreki quotes

“Okay! To all the new students, congratulations on getting in.” – Yuuri Oreki


20. Kuraudo Kurashiki Quotes

Kuraudo Kurashiki quotes

“A weakling who cannot enjoy such a heated, deadly battle will never be called the Last Samurai.” – Kuraudo Kurashiki


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