The Most Popular Types Of Anime Fetishes You’ll Always Come Across

types of anime fetish popular

Anime fetishes or fetishes in anime are common but not out of control. At least every anime fan has come across a type of fetish, even if it’s more subtle and even if you didn’t realize it at the time.

In a way, you could say popular anime fetishes are taken from:

  • Hentai shows.
  • Ecchi.

And the specific types of anime or adult anime that are geared towards certain people. It goes beyond just “fanservice”.

Let’s talk about it from a man’s point of view.


Popular anime fetishes:


1. Slime Girls

interspecies reviewers slime girl

You might not always see it in the anime industry compared to HENTAI, but there are anime out there with this type of fetish.

The first anime that comes to mind for me is Ishuzoku Reviewers, an anime that was released during the pandemic. Around 2021, January.

It’s about adventurers who travel to brothels, sleep with monster girl prostitutes, and leave a review of their experiences. They’re famous for doing it, no matter how “bad” the experience.

Controversy aside, this anime was filled with fetishes, one of them being slime girls and these “girls” being designed to be attractive and appealing to the eye.

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2. Fox Girls

anime fox girl senko san tiddies

This is a typical one you see in anime a lot. Fetishes aren’t always sexually motivated. Sometimes, it’s about the “cuteness” of a character when they’re associated with certain characteristics as well.

In this case, animal characteristics mixed with human elements.

Sora from the anime Senko San comes to my mind when I think about fox girls. She’s designed to be sexy, attractive, and all that good stuff that you’d expect to see in a cliche kind of way.

You also see the same thing in the anime Senko San with Senko herself (MC), but the emphasis in this series is being cute, kawaii, or however you wanna put it.

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3. Dragon girls

miss kobayashis dragon maid dragons

You could say this trope has been made more popular since the anime (adapted from a mangaMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid came out. It was released around 2017 by Kyoto Animation.

Being known for their wholesome slice of life and romance series, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid has been a hit. And continues to do well to this day.

Tohru, the dragon, is clearly attractive and appealing to a fetish, but not in an extreme kind of way. But Lucoa, the big booby dragon who’s a friend of Tohru, definitely appeals to the fetish in a sexual way.

Then you have Kanna Kamui, who’s just a cute dragon, and Elma, who’s generally attractive, like Tohru.

The 2022 anime Beast Tamer also played on this subtly with the character Tania, a voluptuous adult dragon girl.


4. Sadistic anime girls

norn redo of healer sadistic twisting hair

I can’t say whether this one is more of a fetish by design or certain anime fans have a fetish for it in general. But there’s a trend of anime girls, whether villains or “good” characters, who are sadistic towards men.

They’re known for:

  • Stepping on other men.
  • Treating them like a doormat.
  • Bossing them around.
  • Sometimes enslaving men and making them  “man slaves”.

And things of that nature.

The perfect example is Norn from Redo Of Healer. She’s a villain in the anime, a girl Keyaru (the MC) is cautious of running into without being prepared.

She has a man slave, and the emphasis is clear to anyone with a brain and two eyes. It’s a fetish.

Sometimes it can be characters who aren’t sadistic of sorts (like Misuzu Gundou from Tomo Chan Is A Girl), but because of their attitude it works as some sort of fetish for those who swing that way.


5. Masochistic anime girls

lalatina darkness masochist

The most obvious choice when talking about masochistic anime girls is Darkness Lalatina, a character from the Isekai Konosuba.

She’s an important character in the series and one of the reasons for the anime’s ridiculous comedy and parody.

Lalatina is a masochist who’s shameless. In general, she’s a knight with strong morals and standards, but the anime plays on her masochistic nature not just for comedy but for the fetish it provides to those who’d get off on it.

I can’t imagine many men not being into this fetish, though.

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6. Cat Girls

kanade beast tamer cat girl

You knew it had to be on this list. It’s one of the most common types of subtle fetishes in the anime industry you’ll come across. And it’s a lot more innocent than other comparable fetishes.

In real life, we love cats. Cats are cute, wholesome, and are good destressers for many people. And in anime, this is enhanced and can even be used to make the “cat girlssexy.

Hentai, of course, takes this to another level and doesn’t need an explanation as to why.

Cat girls are a standard these days, it feels like.


7. Yanderes

yanderes satou matsuzaka eyes

Yep, even Yanderes can be a sort of fetish for some. Yanderes are a trope and one of the most popular there is when it comes to types of deres.

Yandere’s in a nutshell:

  • Will kill anyone who gets too close to her lover.
  • Will murder their lover if they get out of line.
  • Are obsessive women (in general) with few boundaries.
  • Are overly attached.
  • Tend to be toxic and aren’t good at managing their emotions.
  • Are deeply in love and tend to be “ride or die” for life.

These reasons make them so attractive to those who are into that shit from a distance.

Even a woman from Japan who almost killed her boyfriend in a Yandere fashion and stupid fanboys with a fetish praised her because “she’s cute“.


8. Racoon girls

raphtalia racoon girl

This is a bit of a new-ish trend that started when The Rising Of The Shield Hero started airing in January 2019.

Raphtalia, the racoon girl of the show, is a demi-human enslaved with many others in prison. Naofumi, the MC, purchases her and eventually releases her from her enslaved past, giving her freedom.

That aside, even if the anime didn’t mean to, as Raphtalia grows up and ages, she becomes an attractive racoon girl and clearly is used and seen as a type of “fetish” for those who started lewding her.

It goes beyond Shield Hero as an anime, though.


9. Blushing anime girls

umiko ahagon blushing cute new game anime

I hesitate to call this one a fetish, but it does have some merit. Both female and male anime fans love “blushing” anime girls, and it’s a trope that will never die because of how wholesome it can be.

This is true when the anime character is male or female but especially when the anime character is a Tsundere.

Tsundere are known for being insincere about their feelings and doing the opposite of what they feel or mean to do. And so when they blush, it’s a sign of their stubbornness or even progress.

This plays into the so-called fetish, if you put it like that.


10. Wolf girls

setsuna wolf girl redo of healer cute

All you have to do is look to anime like Redo Of Healer. This anime features Setsuna, a once-enslaved white-haired wolf girl who becomes part of Keyaru’s team.

She has all the elements of a fetish for wolf girls, whether sexual, cute or whatever reason people like these characters.

It goes beyond Setsuna, though. You see wolf anime girls in shows relating to:

  • Isekai.
  • Fantasy.
  • Supernatural.
  • Hentai.

And anything along those lines that have crossovers.


11. Demon girls

akeno dxd demon girl

Can’t make a list of anime fetishes like this without mentioning demon girls. They’re one of the most common types of girls in anime these days.

They’ve become a standard.

A good example is the girls from the anime High School DxD. The main female characters are made to be eye candy in every way imaginable while of course, being powerful demons.

Anime like Shakugan No Shana from the 2000s had demon girls, but they weren’t made in a fetishy type of way like later anime in the 2010s and beyond.


12. Monster girls

monster girls anime waifu

You can bundle certain types of anime girls into the “monster girl” category because of how different they are to the ones mentioned in this list.

For example, anime girls who are:

  • Aliens.
  • Snakes.
  • Angels.
  • Dragons.
  • Zombies.
  • Vampires.

And other types of characteristics you’d see as a “monster”.

These girls are designed to be appealing, even though the original idea of a monster is anything but appealing.

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