A Collection Of The Best Denji Quotes from Chainsaw Man!

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Denji is the main character of the Chainsaw Man series, the name being titled after him and his situation.

On the surface, Denji seems like a coward. Someone who’s weak and takes orders from others willingly.

Someone who will kiss ass and bend over backwards to get what he wants despite the mockery or disrespect he puts himself through.

This isn’t true though.

Denji is quite smart, observant, and good at playing the game to fool others in subtle ways. And he’s unbelievably kind, nice, and somewhat pure despite his background.

Here’s a list of Denji quotes that reflect these parts of Denji, his emotions, and his thought process.

Let’s get started!


The Best Denji Quotes:

denji quotes chainsaw man

“Maybe I became a devil hunter for a really shallow reason, but I’m willing to die to keep living like this.” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 1

“Did I lose my humanity when I lost my heart?” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 2

“I want you to live a normal life and die a normal death. Make my dreams come true for me!” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 3

“Of all the women I know! Every single one of them tried to kill me!” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 4

“What, the old man never taught you? The prey must never trust what a hunter says!” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 5

“I’ll save you..so you save me. I don’t wanna die either.” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 6

“If i rip you apart then that makes your dream worth less than touching boobs!” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 7

“I’m gonna take stuff just as seriously as you. So you can count on me bigtime.” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 8

“If there are devils I could be friends with, then yeah, I do cuz I don’t have any friends.” – Denji


denji quotes chainsaw man 9

“If dreams do come true, I wanna hug a girl before I die.” – Denji



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