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Crunchyroll + Anime Motivation Competition Update (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

The competition has now come to an end.

It seems a LOT of you were interested in The Rising Of The Shield Hero!

Many comments, shares and engagements later, and last week a winner was decided.


How a winner was decided for Shield Hero giveaways

Of all the emails and names of everyone who participated, each one was thrown into a “randomizer”. And whichever email it landed on is HOW the winner was decided.


A genuine competition

The winner of this Shield Hero competition, in partnership with CR and ANM is rosaline.

A lot of competitions on the internet are fake. So it’s nice to showcase the “real” results of this competition for all of you who took part in it.


There will be MORE in the future

Until then, stay tuned. I appreciate it. 😉


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