Carole And Tuesday Anime Wallpaper Smiile

A Collection Of The Best Carole & Tuesday Quotes Worth Sharing

Carole And Tuesday quotes taken from characters:

  • Carole Stanley.
  • Tuesday Simmons.
  • Desmond.
  • Tobe.
  • Pyotr.
  • Angela.
  • Ertegun.

Carole And Tuesday is a music series about 2 girls. One black, the other European.

There are many eccentric elements to this series and that sometimes influences the anime’s quotes.

The journeys of Carole & Tuesday and the world of music is essential to the plot and quotes.

Here’s the best lines worth sharing.


1. Tuesday Simmons Quotes

“Every beaver has its day.” – Tuesday Simmons


2. Pyotr Quotes

“I mean like, how are you supposed to love others if you can’t even love yourself?” – Pyotr


3. Desmond Quotes

“I will soon be released from this body. It’s sad, but also exciting. People change. Life is not eternal. However, this encounter, this moment is but a small ring. It will link up with others, forming a long chain that goes on forever. I think that’s what eternity is. I’ll soon become unable to, so I want you to link it for me. I am in love with this beautiful world.” – Desmond


“Music is a particularly important nutrient for the soul, yet recent music is nothing but poison.” – Desmond


“Living things need not just nourishment for the body, but for the soul as well. Beautiful things and beautiful expressions. They’re vital to the soul. Without them, the soul withers.” – Desmond


“People change. Life is not eternal.” – Desmond


“Have you ever wondered why people sing? Wanting someone else to hear you sing, perhaps is actually something strange…. I don’t need to convey this to anyone. It’s enough to have that one person I want to truly convey my feelings to. I don’t care if they don’t reach him. If my feelings are real, I know many people will empathize.” – Desmond


4. Carole Stanley Quotes

“Don’t worry about tomorrow’s dust storm today.” – Carole Stanley


“This world ain’t an easy one to live in, but I can’t let every little thing bring me down. After all, there’s something I want to accomplish here!” – Carole Stanley


5. Angela Quotes

“The higher the bar, the greater the satisfaction from jumping over it.” – Angela


6. Tobe Quotes

“Freedom that others give you is sh*t. The only real freedom is the one you seize by yourself.” – Tobe


7. Ertegun Quotes

“The day you stop speaking your ideals is the day you become nothing but a slave.” – Ertegun


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