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A Collection Of Dark And Meaningful Quotes From “Welcome To NHK”

Welcome To NHK quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Hidehito Nomura.
  • Misaki Nakahara.
  • Kaoru Yamazaki.
  • Satou Tatsuhiro.

Welcome To NHK is known to be a deep, somewhat depressing and dark anime quotes of this series.

Here are the BEST lines from the Welcome To NHK anime.


1. Hidehito Nomura Quotes

Hidehito Nomura quotes | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“I think I finally understand… As long as there’s someone who’ll grieve, it’s wrong to want to die.” – Hidehito Nomura


2. Kaoru Yamazaki Quotes

Kaoru Yamazaki quotes | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“A drama has a progressive thought, an emotional climax and a resolution, but our lives aren’t like that. All we get day after day, are a bunch of vague anxieties that are never really resolved.” – Kaoru Yamazaki


Kaoru Yamazaki quotes 1 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“People like us aren’t qualified to be involved in a dramatic incident such as a suicide. No matter how depressed you are or how much pain you’re in, you have to return to your routine, daily life. Even if you don’t come back, you’ll just end up dying in vain. A dramatic death isn’t befitting of us.” – Kaoru Yamazaki


Kaoru Yamazaki quotes 2 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“Feelings of romantic love are, in the end, just some chemical reaction. Under the right conditions, they occur no matter who the other person is.” – Kaoru Yamazaki


Kaoru Yamazaki quotes 3 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“Those who believe will be saved! We must make something we ourselves can believe in order to bring meaning to our lives!” – Kaoru Yamazaki


Kaoru Yamazaki quotes 4 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“Listen to me, Satou. Women. . . they aren’t people. No, they’re not normal humans. In fact, it might not be an exaggeration to say that they’re unbelievably close to being inhuman monsters. Therefore, there’s no need to go out of your way like this. What does it matter if you’re scorned by some female?” – Kaoru Yamazaki


Kaoru Yamazaki quotes 5 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“In my heart, I really do long for that kind of drama because there is truth in those television shows. Because there’s the introduction, development, turn, and resolution; there’s an explosion of emotions, and there’s the conclusion. . . On the other hand, our lives continually are filled with dim, dreamy anxiety, and there are no easily understood dramas, situations, or confrontations—nothing at all like that. . . Isn’t that sort of absurd? I’m twenty, and you’re twenty-two, Satou. Even so, we’ve never really loved anyone, hated anyone, fought as a result of love or hate, or had any of those experiences at all. It’s terrible!” – Kaoru Yamazaki


3. Misaki Nakahara Quotes

Misaki Nakahara quotes | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“if you can’t be self-confident, then just imagine the person you’re speaking to as even more of a failure than you think you are!” – Misaki Nakahara


Misaki Nakahara quotes 1 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“People who neglect to make efforts or who don’t take any actions at all are always the ones who dream that someday they will suddenly become wildly successful.” – Misaki Nakahara


4. Satou Tatsuhiro Quotes

Satou Tatsuhiro quotes | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“Because of our broken instincts, we are in pain. We continue living in pain, because our instincts have been twisted by reason. So, what are we supposed to do? Should we abandon knowledge? Throw away reason? In any event, that wouldn’t be possible. For better or for worse, we ate the fruit of knowledge long, long ago.” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Satou Tatsuhiro quotes 1 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“Question: Why can one keep living as a hikikomori? Answer: Because one’s food, clothing and shelter are assured. It’s because one is permitted a lukewarm bare minimum of a life that one can keep living as a hikikomori indefinitely. Being able to live as a hikikomori was in itself very much a luxury. Without the assurance of food, clothing and shelter, unless you’re prepared to die, there’s no other way but to work.” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Satou Tatsuhiro quotes 2 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“If you don’t see her, you won’t fall in love. If you don’t fall in love, you won’t get hurt.” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Satou Tatsuhiro quotes 3 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“A normal life within society would be impossible for someone like me, who cried so unsuccessfully to apply Freudian analysis to last night’s dream. My dream featured indulging in an impure heterosexual relationship in a small room with the female upperclassman from high school, and my analysis suggested only that it indicated a subconscious desire to indulge an impure heterosexual relationship in a small room with the female upperclassman from high school. My final result concluded, “What part of this is a dream interpretation? You’re just reiterating the same thing!” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Satou Tatsuhiro quotes 4 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“People in reality spout off all in unison about love and friendship but in fact it’s a dirty little world full of lies and desires, isn’t it?” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Satou Tatsuhiro quotes 5 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“Being alone is best. I mean, it’s true, isn’t it? In the end you’ll be absolutely alone; therefore, being alone is natural. If you accept that, nothing bad can happen. That’s why I shut myself away in my six-mat one-room apartment.” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Satou Tatsuhiro quotes 6 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“No human beings, regardless of who they might be, want to look directly at their own shortcomings.” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Satou Tatsuhiro quotes 7 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“I didn’t really understand Yamazaki’s anger, but becoming furious allowed him to put off thinking about these problems. He acted as though he would simply not commit to anything, even if everything caved in around him. I decided to follow his example and just avoid reality for the time being.” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Satou Tatsuhiro quotes 8 | https://animemotivation.com/welcome-to-nhk-quotes/

“It’s natural for a person to deny he’s a failure as a human being. That’s why he searches for somebody who is more miserable than himself. That’s why so much animosity exists on the internet. Those who aren’t able to find a more miserable person, turn to the internet and call other people losers, even though they’ve never met. Just to make themselves feel superior. Isn’t that pathetic? There’s a sense of security that comes from speaking badly of someone else. But that isn’t true salvation.” – Satou Tatsuhiro

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