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The Ultimate List Of Scum’s Wish Quotes About Life And Romance

Scum’s Wish Quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Yasuraoka Hanabi.

Scum’s Wish is an edgy, dark-ish anime in the romance genre. It touches on more uncomfortable topics and themes than your average anime series.

For this reason the quotes, and more so the episodes have a darker tone to them. And they’re all about love and romance.

Let’s share some of the best lines from the Kuzu No Honkai anime series!


1. Hanabi Yasuraoka Quotes

Hanabi Yasuraoka quotes |

“Why does unrequited love feel so empty.” – Hanabi Yasuraoka


Hanabi Yasuraoka quotes 6 |

“Effort is always rewarded in every endeavor but one. That’s love. That’s why I hate it.” – Hanabi Yasuraoka


Hanabi Yasuraoka quotes 3 |

“We are looking for real love.We know it can’t be easily found, no matter how hard we pray. It may be something we will never have. We may get hurt even more next time. It could even make us feel more isolated. But…We continue to seek it.” – Hanabi Yasuraoka


Hanabi Yasuraoka quotes 2 |

“I want to try to love you, Mugi.” – Hanabi Yasuraoka


Hanabi Yasuraoka quotes 1 |

“There’s nothing more revolting than the affection of someone you’re completely disinterested in, is there?” – Hanabi Yasuraoka


Hanabi Yasuraoka quotes 4 |

“It’s sad how little you mean to the person who means the world to you.” – Hanabi Yasuraoka


Hanabi Yasuraoka quotes 5 |

“I’ve come to realize…how hollow I am on the inside.” – Hanabi Yasuraoka


Other Scum’s Wish Quotes (Unconfirmed):


“I’ve become so fragile a single crack could break me, even so my heart continued to breathe.”


“I’m alone. I hate being alone. Being alone makes me feel empty.”


“Hopeful love. Painful love. Unrequited love. Are they really that beautiful? I don’t think they are.”


“Somewhere, deep down, I had hoped…That she didn’t really like him at all. Aren’t I an idiot?”


“It wasn’t just painful experiences. That’s why I don’t think things like ‘I’m glad we never met.’ That’s what, somehow, makes it so needlessly unfortunate.”


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