2 Gourry Gabriev Quotes That Are Full Of Kindness And Wisdom

Gourry Gabriev Slayers Anime

“If I gave you my name, you’d only get it dirty.” – Gourry Gabriev

Gourry Gabriev is an expert swordsman from Slayers. And the self proclaimed protector of Lina Inverse.

He’s one of those – what you see is what you get kind of guys.

And even though he’s not the most intelligent Slayers character, he’s straight to the point, easy going and focused.

He has a few similarties to Anime characters – Goku and Natsu Dragneel.


Let’s dive straight into this post!

If you’re a fan of Slayers and have quote suggestions, share them. 🙂


2 Gourry Gabriev Quotes For Slayers Anime Fans



2 Gourry Gabriev Quotes That Are Full Of Kindness And Wisdom

“What kind of man sleeps in a bed when there’s a woman who’s sleeping on the floor.” – Gourry Gabriev

This is one of my favorite Gourry Gabriev quotes.

It shows how much respect he has for women. And how his heart is in the right place.

Gourry mentions this quote when Lina Inverse decides not to sleep in the bed that Gourry suggested.



2 Gourry Gabriev Quotes That Are Full Of Kindness And Wisdom

“You’ll never get anywhere if you worry about the past all the time.” – Gourry Gabriev

Can you think about what happened yesterday? Whatever it was, that’s all in the past!

Even whatever happened 1 hour ago is the past. So there’s no sense in worrying about something that no longer exists.


Which Gourry Gabriev quote is your favorite?

And do you have anymore Gourry quotes that may have been missed?

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