Anime Motivation + Crunchyroll “The God Of Highschool” Giveaway Contest!

anime motivation and crunchyroll the god of highschool giveaway contest 1

NOTE: This competition is now closed from 10/11/2020. 

Winners will be announced soon


If you’re a FAN of “The God Of Highschool”, then pay attention.

Anime Motivation and Crunchyroll have partnered up for an EXCLUSIVE giveaway to The God Of Highschool Fans.

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You’re entitled to WIN an exclusive The God Of Highschool T Shirt.


Giveaway rules:

  • Leave a comment at the end of this post.
  • Write the words: “The God Of Highschool”.
  • Don’t forget to enter the correct email address in case you win.

Then you’ll be ENTERED into the giveaway for a chance to win an exclusive t shirt!


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The God of

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