After Sony’s Purchase Of Crunchyroll, Anime Fans Are Worried About THIS

mikoto misaka crying funny

The title isn’t 100% accurate. Meaning Sony’s still negotiating but will LIKELY buy Crunchyroll.

They have no reason not to at this point.

Either way, I’ve seen enough bickering around the news since reporting on it yesterday morning.

The overall consensus doesn’t seem to be good. And VERY few are enthusiastic in the way you’d expect.

That’s in spite of the fact that Sony is a Japanese company, and anime streaming services will be under Japan’s control…

The motherland of anime.


What are anime fans saying?

Let’s get into that.

Here are some concerns from the anime community.


1. Censorship

Sony is known for censorship with its video games in the USA and beyond. That’s where the idea of “censorship” comes from in relating to Sony buying Crunchyroll.

And for anyone thinking it won’t happen, understand that it already does happen below the surface.

It’s just not the obvious censorship that people think Sony will enforce with Crunchyroll under its belt.

That being said, with Sony’s monopoly on anime, they “could” get tempted into being greedy and authoritarian. And that would lead to censorship without a doubt.


Types of anime censorship we could see

anime dub censorship one piece

The first kind of censorship could be physical. Meaning the censorship of anime tiddies and other “assets”.

This is the type of censorship I can’t take too seriously, but again, If Sony gets carried away with their monopoly – who’s to say they won’t do it?

This will be more of a thing outside of Japan than within it.


4kids censorship

The 2nd type of censorship we could see is similar to 4kids. Which by the way, is still happening in 2020.

In case you’ve been asleep, Funimation has “censored” plenty of anime on the translation side of things.

They’ve switched original meanings out with more political definitions, and more.

Given what people know when it comes to Sony’s usual censorship tactics, this type of anime censorship could become more of a norm.

Anime dubs will be the main culprits I’d say.

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2. Shutting down more anime pirate sites

one piece pirate flag

Anime piracy is at the forefront of the conversation, unlike never before. Especially after KissAnime’s main site was shutdown by copyright holders.

Another pirate or two has been shutdown since that happened to KissAnime.

With Japan’s new copyright laws coming into play in 2021, January, and Sony’s purchase of Crunchyroll, it’s easy to see where this might be going.

In Japan specifically, you can face jail time and a 3,000,000 fine for piracy if caught.

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Why shutting down pirate sites will have the opposite effect

Outside of Japan and the USA, anime‘s:

  • Region blocks.
  • Licensing issues.
  • Limited selection.
  • Limited service.

And other issues give rise to piracy. It’s why anime piracy is necessary. Or better yet – a necessary evil.

If Sony, like Disney, decided to aggressively target pirate sites to shut them down, it wouldn’t end well for them. Even if they have good reason to.

For many the value with current anime services doesn’t make sense because of region blocks and lack of availability.

Piracy is a service problem, and if Sony’s smart, they’ll focus on that. Instead of taking the cliche route which has never worked.


Is Sony’s potential purchase of Crunchyroll a good thing?

Only time will tell.




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