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A Collection Of Alice In Borderland Quotes Fans Shouldn’t Miss

alice in borderland anime wallpapers
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Alice In Borderland Quotes taken from characters:

  • Usagi Yuzuha.
  • Shuntarou Chishiya.
  • Ryohei Arisu.
  • Saori Shibuki.

Alice In Borderland is an anime OVA by Silver Link studios. With plenty of thriller, action and psychological themes.

The short list of quotes from Alice In Borderland reflect these themes perfectly.

Here’s the best lines worth sharing.


1. Saori Shibuki Quotes

Saori Shibuki quotes

“When the guarantee of safety is dangled right in front of their eyes, humans will turn their eye from probability.” – Saori Shibuki


Saori Shibuki quotes 1

“With death staring you in the face, you truly understand what it means to be alive.” – Saori Shibuki


2. Usagi Yuzuha Quotes

Usagi Yuzuha quotes

“Life is built upon the taking of another life. If you have the resolve to kill, then you have the obligation to eat.” – Usagi Yuzuha


3. Ryohei Arisu Quotes

Ryohei Arisu quotes

“Just as water can overfill a container. Madness is all the same.” – Ryohei Arisu


4. Shuntarou Chishiya Quotes

Shuntarou Chishiya quotes

“In this world with only despair, how do you live?” – Shuntarou Chishiya


Shuntarou Chishiya quotes 1

“Do you know the origin of the word “utopia”? The English philosopher, Thomas More, created this word with intense irony in mind. In Greek, it means “A place that does not exist”.” – Shuntarou Chishiya


Shuntarou Chishiya quotes 2

“Whether it’s on the other side of the planet, or right in front of one’s eyes, as long as one is safe, it doesn’t matter how many others die. Isn’t that humanity?” – Shuntarou Chishiya


Shuntarou Chishiya quotes 3

“No matter what you do, it’s all futile in this world.” – Shuntarou Chishiya


“Human’s heart… I just don’t wanna learn about.” – Shuntarou Chishiya


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