A Collection Of Subete ga F ni Naru Quotes About Life That Go Deep

Subete ga F ni Naru wallpaper

Subete ga F ni Naru quotes taken from characters:

  • Magata Shiki.
  • Souhei Saikawa.

Subete ga F ni Naru is adapted from a novel series, and made in 2015 by A-1 Pictures.

This short 11 episode anime is violent, has psychological themes, and that reflects on its meaningful quotes.

Here’s the best quotes worth sharing.


1. Magata Shiki Quotes

Magata Shiki quotes

“Every individual human affects the surrounding environment. But humans do not exist for the things and people around them. Often, they mistakenly think that they wish to exist for the sake of others, or to help everyone. They can not accept that they don’t know why they exist, yes? They always want an answer. That is the nature of the animals called “humans”. – Magata Shiki


Magata Shiki quotes 1

“No one fears death. They fear the life that leads up to death. If one could die without suffering, no one would fear death, right? Being alive is, itself, an exception. The natural state of things is death. And life is, itself, a kind of sickness. When the illness is cured, your life vanishes.” – Magata Shiki


Magata Shiki quotes 2

“I think I would like someone else to kill me. I want someone else to interfere with my life. Is that not what wanting to be loved means, Saikawa-sensei? No life is born of it’s own volition. Isn’t the instinctive desire of beings, born not of their own volition, for their lives to be taken in the same way?” – Magata Shiki


Magata Shiki quotes 3

“It is right for me, but not for you. Either way, the concept of “right” means no more than that.” – Magata Shiki


Magata Shiki quotes 4

“Of course. Humans can be kind because there are things they do not understand. If they knew everything, they would attempt nothing. If they attempted nothing, nothing new would happen. Humans seek answers to the things they do not know. That is how kindness, nostalgia, joy, and fun are born.” – Magata Shiki


2. Souhei Saikawa Quotes

Souhei Saikawa quotes

“Seeing nature and thinking it’s beautiful is what’s unnatural. That means the life you lead is an unclean one. If you can cut yourself off from mother nature and still survive, doesn’t it mean you have enough inner beauty to allow you to do that?” – Souhei Saikawa


Souhei Saikawa quotes 1

“Luxury means something with no meaning at all.” – Souhei Saikawa


Souhei Saikawa quotes 2

“Whenever I get up in the morning, I always think to myself, “Am I really the same person I was yesterday?” For example, just as a computer loads its OS into memory and boots up each time it restarts, is it possible I’m just booting up the person called “Saikawa Sohuei” each morning and trying to play that role?” – Souhei Saikawa

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