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10 Reasons Why Genshin Impact is So Popular

It’s no secret that anime video games have become a huge part of our culture.

With so many different genres and types to choose from, there is something for everyone.

One game that has been gaining popularity lately is Genshin Impact.

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This hack and slash JRPG offers players an adrenaline-filled gaming experience with exciting graphics and fast gameplay.

Here are ten reasons why this game has become so popular in the gaming world.


1. The Game’s Art Style

genshin impact art style |

Genshin Impact’s art style is a contributing factor to its success. Many other factors play into it.

Anime has become incredibly popular in recent years. Some people who enjoy anime can be pretty enthusiastic about consuming as much of the content they can.

Genshin Impact may not have an abundance of fan service shots or explicit sexual themes. However, this game sure does give fans what they want after all.

It’s something similar enough to their favorite shows while still being completely unique!


2. Amazing Character Designs

genshin impact designs |

In Genshin Impact each character has a unique look that reflects their personality and attitude.

Artists adore the designs and adornment of every character and NPC in game. And well written personalities allow them to stand out from the crowd of bland characters in other anime or games.

They also make it simple for the players as they can see what abilities other members of their party possess when viewed in battle.

Did I mention that you can play online with friends? Well, you can!


3. Timely and Frequent Updates

genshin impact update 1.5 |

A game without updates is a ghost town. When a game stops getting updates, it inevitably loses players, as is stated by essay help.

This is true for most games (though, not all). So, fortunately for this game’s auditory, there are plenty of updates in Genshin Impact.

The game’s player count never dips because of all the fresh content added with each update.

Recent examples are the Windblume Festival in Mondstadt and Dragonspine introduced by an earlier update, which both offer refreshing new quests to explore or tokens to collect for rewards!


4. Lots of Land with lots of activities

genshin impact landscape art |

In Genshin Impact, players are introduced to an expansive world with many things to explore.

The developers have done their best to make sure this area is filled with plenty of content and locations to discover.

This includes places like :

  • lakes
  • mountains
  • towns

And ruins.

There’s something here for everyone. Of course, all these different areas come with:

  • collectibles (the perfect opportunity for some hunting!).
  • puzzles (these will make any brain work hard).
  • world quests (you can’t miss out on those!).
  • wandering bosses (You’ve met your match.).

Or dungeons which are conquerable by anyone who has enough courage. So don’t let anything stop you from embarking on such an epic journey!


5. Plenty of Magic, Weapons, and Combos

genshin impact magic abilities |

Genshin Impact is a unique RPG carefully designed to keep you entertained all through.

This game offers an excellent balance of gameplay and graphics that surpasses many triple-A titles you’ve played in the last few years.

This inlcudes:

  • weapons
  • magic abilities with combos to suit any play-style.

Plus various elements at your disposal (fire, for instance). You can execute new attacks using different skills and weaponry.

Enemies are diverse enough so as not to become repetitive during long sessions. The variety of combinations make sure every player have their own strategy.

It’s also simple yet challenging enough where even hardcore gamers will be satisfied after hours on end. Raiding dungeons, battling demons or saving princesses!


6. Genshin Impact is more than Just a Mobile Game

genshin impact gameplay 1 |

Genshin Impact is available on PS4 and PC. However, it is the title’s mobile game scene that has been the biggest surprise among most gaming media so far.

Genshin Impact feels like a Triple-A game that runs perfectly well on many modern mobile devices. It doesn’t feel like a “mobile game” so to speak.

It does offer more than what an average app offers with side quests and deep storylines ahead.

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7. Diverse Playable Character Options

genshin impact diverse character options 1 |

One of the things that make Genshin Impact a standout title is how many playable characters there are.

Certain aspects of gameplay can be changed depending on which character you’re playing as.

One example:

  • If one player has trouble getting past an obstacle with their current fighter, they could switch to another and try out different strategies until they find something that works.

It’s not just about having more playable characters that can entice some players to play Genshin Impact. There are various types of different characteristics and uniqueness among these other potential heroes as well.

Mona feels distinctly different from Barbara, for example—despite both being Catalyst users who use Hydro-type moves in battle.


8. Addictive Micro-transactions

genshin impact microtransactions 1 |

Genshin Impact is a game that you basically can play without having to spend a dime. Nonetheless, you should note that it comes with an in-game system called ‘Gacha.’

With this feature, players get the chance to spend money on randomized unlocks of different characters and items from the video game.

The more time or money one puts into playing Genshin Impact, the more they may find themselves incentivized by what could be unlocked with just one more purchase.

In other cases – that could simply be another round of gameplay.


9. Character Development

genshin impact character development |

Unlocking and upgrading heroes is pretty much a blast. It’s like the first time you got to play with your favorite action figures as a kid again, only now there are plenty of toys in one package.

As players unlock more characters, they can upgrade their base level and stats and give them new abilities.

You can also refine old ones by collecting artifacts that can be upgraded.

This game will keep you engaged for hours on end, whether it’s trying out different artifact sets or working on making sure every hero has been properly refined.

No matter what situation arises during battle, you’ll have an answer ready.


10. Beautiful sound

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Genshin Impact is like an ocean. With its vast expanses and beautiful sounds, it’s impossible not to get lost in it for hours on end without paying at all!

The music that accompanies each moment of Genshin Impacts helps create an immersive world where one can forget about everything else around them.

If you haven’t already downloaded Genshin Impact, what are you waiting for?


Final Word

Successful games have a recipe for success, and Genshin Impact is no exception.

The game’s combat seems simple at first glance, but it has many interesting mechanics that players can explore through experimentation with various builds.

Guest author: Leon Collier



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