All Of The Best Quotes Taken From “The Heroic Legend Of Arslan” Anime

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The Legend Of Arslan Quotes taken from:

  • Arslan.
  • Narsus.
  • Kubard.
  • Farangis.
  • Guibu.
  • Kishward.
  • Gieve.

The Heroic Legend Of Arslan is a historical/adventure series produced by LIDENFILMS. The same anime behind Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches.

If you’re a fan of this adventure anime, and you enjoyed the characters who play their role, you’ll remember some of these quotes.

If not – each quote can offer a lesson and a reminder of why you loved the anime!

Here they are.


A Collection Of “The Heroic Legend Of Arslan” Quotes:


1. Kubard Quotes

Kubard quotes arslan

“The world won’t always go the way you want it to. Better not take it too seriously.” – Kubard


2. Guibu Quotes

Guibu quotes arslan

“To live is to undertake a journey – no, to undertake a journey is to live. To face the wind or to follow it, all journeys lead to the gates of death… The light in which all journeys are taken is deceptive – not hopeful, but sorrowful. And the struggle never ends. Everywhere on the earth is fleeting life. We are blown by the wind. The words we write in the sand disappear and finally, when we are swallowed by the sea we do not hear the waves. The humblest of creatures must face these dreadful barriers.” – Guibu


3. Arslan Quotes

arslan quotes 13

“The one who holds power has no self-awareness of his responsibilities and the one aware of the responsibilities has no power at all.” – Arslan


arslan quotes

“I’ll fight to save everyone!” – Arslan


arslan quotes 3

“Everyone, let us move as one!” – Arslan


arslan quotes 12

“Zealotry and prejudice more than anything, bring harm to the people of the land.” – Arslan


arslan quotes 1

“I won’t run away from the tasks entrusted to me!” – Arslan


arslan quotes 11

“I know you’ll be able to make good use of this. Please, I hope you’ll accept this.” – Arslan


arslan quotes 8

“You fight so well. If I only had such strength myself.” – Arslan


arslan quotes 7

“Having you at my side makes me feel so much better. Please continue to aid me.” – Arslan


arslan quotes 6

“If I fall… how can I face everyone who’s died for me?” – Arslan


arslan quotes 10

“I must fight, for the sake of all who support me!” – Arslan


arslan quotes 14

“Even if our philosophies differ, might there be some way for us to live with one another?”” – Arslan


arslan quotes 9

“You’ve proven your worth once again. Please continue to lend me your aid.” – Arslan


arslan quotes 4

“We must all fight together!” – Arslan


arslan quotes 5

“I cannot afford to fall here!” – Arslan


4. Farangis Quotes

Farangis quotes arslan

“The throne itself does not half a will of its own. Depending upon who sits in it, it can be the seat of justice or it can be the seat of inhuman cruelty. As long as it is a man and not a god, doing the governing, he can never be perfect. But should he neglect to make efforts to reach for perfection, a king will surely tumble down the slippery slope towards evil with no one around to stop him.” – Farangis


5. Narsus Quotes

Narsus quotes arslan

“Behold! This is art! They simply can’t appreciate my masterpiece.” – Narsus


Narsus quotes arslan 1

“How amusing. It appears that I’m a true mardan.” – Narsus


Narsus quotes arslan 2

“You are a true mardan. Please use that strength for the sake of the people.” – Narsus


Narsus quotes arslan 3

“Most impressive. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to fight you.” – Narsus


Narsus quotes arslan 4

“Now then, what strategy should I use next?” – Narsus


Narsus quotes arslan 5

“This is our chance. Let’s finish this!” – Narsus


Narsus quotes arslan 6

“The wisest course here is to retreat.” – Narsus


Narsus quotes arslan 7

“Please accept this small gift. I’m sure you will be able to make good use of it.” – Narsus


Narsus quotes arslan 8

“You cannot hope to defeat me. But you wouldn’t be here if you understood that, would you?” – Narsus


6, Gieve Quotes

Gieve quotes arslan

“We each have our own ideas of what beauty is and what we hold precious, and it should not be something that we can be coerced to feel.” – Gieve


Gieve quotes arslan 1

“The Gods make mistakes all the time and they force those mistaken outcomes onto us humans.” – Gieve


7. Kishward Quotes

Kishward quotes arslan

“Birds and beasts are mirrors that reflect what is in the heart of those they come face-to-face with.” – Kishward


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