A Collection Of The Deepest “Vinland Saga” Quotes Worth Sharing

vinland saga anime manga

Vinland Saga quotes taken from these characters in the series:

  • Thorkell.
  • Father Willibald.
  • Leif Erikson.
  • Askeladd.
  • Thors Snoresson.
  • Ylva.
  • Canute.
  • Helga.
  • Thorfinn.
  • Floki.
  • Bjorn.

Vinland Saga is an action/adventure series with some Seinen and history thrown into the mix. With both a Manga and anime adaptation.

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Deep Quotes From Vinland Saga:


1. Askeladd Quotes

Askeladd quotes

“A man, slave to gold, holds a whip…And beats the slave he bought with that gold as if to claim HE is the master. He just doesn’t see it for himself. Every living human being is a slave to something.” – Askeladd


Askeladd quotes 1

“You’re young. Time is on your side. You’ll grow up and I’ll grow old. Someday you’ll likely beat me. It’s only natural. Even the strongest man must die.” – Askeladd


Askeladd quotes 2

“A fight you can’t win becomes an obsession.” – Askeladd


Askeladd quotes 3

“Only those who do their jobs on the battlefield get the rewards they desire. That’s the life of a warrior.” – Askeladd


Askeladd quotes 1 1

“He just doesn’t realize it himself. Everyone is a slave to something.” – Askeladd


Askeladd quotes 2 1

“ou can make use of anyone with the right approach.” – Askeladd


Askeladd quotes 3 1

“On the battlefield , the weak die first. Like you.” – Askeladd


Askeladd quotes 4

“Try achieving something great on the battlefield. You’re a viking. Then I’ll reward you with a duel.” – Askeladd


Askeladd quotes 5

“Only those who fight on the battlefield get what they desire. That’s the way of the warrior.” – Askeladd


2. Father Willibald Quotes

father willibald quotes

“Let those who seek death find it.” – Father Willibald


father willibald quotes 1

“Love provides the worth of everything in the world. Without love…gold, silver, horses, and women…all are worthless.” Father Willibald


3. Thorkell Quotes

thorkell quotes vinland

“Doesn’t it ever get boring always being on the winning side?” – Thorkell


thorkell quotes vinland 1

“I’d had fifteen years to think about him. And I realized that it wasn’t a matter of the life or death of flesh. What’s important to a warrior is the soul…And where it lies.” – Thorkell


thorkell quotes vinland 2

“I love fighting, but even more than that, I hate losing! I only fight to win!!” – Thorkell


4. Ylva Quotes

ylva vinland quotes

“Well, if they’re dead, then that’s the end of it. Crying about it gets you nothing but an empty stomach.” – Ylva


5. Canute Quotes

canute vinland saga quotes

“The world…God’s divine creation…Is so brimming with love…Yet there is no love in the hearts of men.” – Canute


canute vinland saga quotes 1

“Where in this world can a sane man be found? We’re the same. We’re all the same. None of us understands what it means to love all. Or the meaning of life…Or the meaning of death…Or the meaning of our own battles.” – Canute


6. Leif Erikson Quotes


“Not all warriors fight on the battlefield with a sword in hand. A sailor makes his living battling the sea.” – Leif Erikson


7. Thors Quotes

Thors vinland saga quotes

“The only reason I must rely on this sword is because I am imperfect. A true warrior…Needs no sword.” – Thors


Thors vinland saga quotes 1

“You have no enemies. No one…Has any enemies. There is no one…That you should hurt.” – Thors


thors snorresson quotes 1

“Time has come for me to take responsibility for what I’ve done.” – Thors


thors snorresson quotes

“Leave now and I won’t take your life.” – Thors


thors snorresson quotes 2

“I must rely on a sword like this, because I am not yet a master. A true warrior doesn’t need a sword.” – Thors


thors snorresson quotes 3

“Keep the promise you made as a warrior.” – Thors


thors snorresson quotes 4

“You don’t have any enemies. No one has any enemies. There’s no one who its okay to hurt.” – Thors


8. Bjorn Quotes

Bjorn quotes

” don’t fight for money. I like to kill” – Bjorn


9. Helga Quotes

Helga quotes

“Give this child a name.” – Helga


10. Floki Quotes


floki quotes

“You shouldn’t ask questions, it’s for your own good.” – Floki


floki quotes 1

“It seems he’s not a man of empty words.” – Floki


11. Thorfinn Quotes

Thorfinn quotes

“I’ll achieve something in no time. Then you’ll die by my hands.” – Thorfinn


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