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8 Reasons I Feel Naruto Shippuden RUINED The Naruto Series

Naruto is one of the first anime I watched and it introduced me to other anime.

The fight’s and characters made the series, especially fights like Rock Lee vs Gaara. The story of an underdog trying to be recognized by everybody was new to me at the time.

When I finished watching Shippuden though I was disappointed. It had its great moments but I think it ruined many things from the first Naruto.

Here are 8 reasons why.


1. Naruto is the Child Of Prophecy

As soon as it was revealed that Naruto was the child of prophecy, it ruined the series. The original idea was that Naruto was an underdog, but I knew he will bring peace to the Elemental Nations, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Many fans argue that he could have chosen to destroy the world but we all know that’s not true, he’s the main character!

This was further reinforced by another prophecy given about him by the elder toad sage to Hagoromo, thousands of years ago.

After knowing this can you rewatch the Naruto vs Neji match from the chunin finals?


2. Sakura’s Character

sakura haruno naruto

I like Sakura even though she is a meme. She’s a girl that thought being a Kunoichi will be easy and did not train at all and chased after Sasuke.

The development that she got in the Forest of Death was great.

After the timeskip, she came back strong even defeating Sasori, a S ranked Missing-Nin with the help of Lady Chiyo.

But she reverts to her fangirl status in the Sasuke retrieval arc which left me disappointed.

In the Pain Invasion arc, after Pain destroys the village we see her crying for Naruto to come back.

When Naruto was captured by Pain it was Hinata who saved him knowing she was weaker than Pain.

Fans argue that Sakura Haruno’s a healer, but since she’s taught by a Sannin it makes it difficult to not have high expectations Of Sakura. Especially considering what Naruto and Sasuke do later in the series.

Punching Kaguya in the head and crying for Sasuke to stop before the final battle between him and Naruto didn’t gain her many favours.

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3. Only the Uchiha and Naruto Matter

If you look at the strongest Shinobi in the Naruto series, nearly all of them have the Sharingan except Nagato who has the Rinnegan… The evolution of Sharingan.

The Mangekyo Sharingan makes you overpowered. You can copy Jutsus, make illusions, flames that burn for 7 days, make a giant avatar that protects and fights for you and drop meteors.

All of the final villains were Uchiha. Only Naruto with his Sage of Six Paths and gifts that he received for other tailed beasts can match them.


4. Naruto came back from the time-skip extremely weak

naruto timeskip e1586254065551

Timeskips are important. They show how much the characters have grown.

Sasuke was extremely strong defeating a weakened Orochimaru, killing Deidara and taking on Itachi, Sakura became strong.

Naruto didn’t show any improvement at all besides learning Oodama Rasengan.

Fans say that he learned better Kyubi control, and after seeing Gaara’s dead body he went straight two tails.

He intentionally gave his body to the Kyubi during his fight against Orochimaru which lead to Naruto accidentally hurting Sakura.

Fans also say that Naruto’s got better clone coordination, but there was none of that.

The fact that he had to train just 3 arcs later shows how much weaker Naruto was compared to rest of the characters.

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5. The fights

tailed beast bomb english name

The fights in the original show were based on strategy, hand to hand combat.

That changed.

In Shippuden after the Pain arc it was who can create a bigger explosion, similar to Dragon Ball Z.

Tailed beast bomb lost its meaning because of the Ten tails.

Madara spamming meteors coming from the sky was cool but doesn’t make it a show about ninjas.

Only Kakashi vs Obito and the final fight between Naruto and Sasuke made it better than all the other fights in the war arc.


6. Kakashi’s Kamui

kakashi kamui

Every long Shonen has its plot holes, so we can ignore some of them but this is one that is created just to counter one of biggest villains in the series.

Not only that but it debunks many things that were said in the original Naruto but also at the start of Shippuden.

Kakashi in his fight against Zabuza could use his Sharingan for a short period of time. It was established that Kakashi had a small chakra pool.

In Shippuden, in the Gaara Retreval Arc, in the fight against Deidara, he pulls out the Mangekyo Sharingan and we the fans don’t know how he even discovered it.

It would have been nice to have seen a flashback. Then it was established that he can use it at maximum 2 times.

He even died fighting Pain by using Kamui. In the fight against Sasuke in the 5 Kage Summit Arc, he was straggling after using Kamui once.

So how can we believe that in a war in which we see him using:

  • chakra to fight reincarnated Shinobi and white Zetsu
  • And then the tailed beasts without any rest

Based on that – how can we believe he has enough Chakra to spam Kamui against Obito?

This a big plot-hole that nobody can make sense of.


7. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Otsutsuki e1586253734352

A villain is only good if they have personality, some development and foreshadowing. 

Kaguya just came out of nowhere replacing Madara who would have been better in my opinion to end the series with.

We don’t know anything about her, she doesn’t speak and Black Zetsu monologues for her which is irritating.

We do get a flashback but that doesn’t make a villain great, especially not for a “final” villain at the end of the series.

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8. Naruto forgiving Obito

naruto and obito hokage e1586253814690

This made me nearly give up on the series but because I had watched so many episodes , it just made me hate Naruto as a character.

It didn’t make any sense why he would do that.

You could say that it’s just a manga, but still when the protagonist calls the person responsible for his parent’s death ‘cool’ it makes the protagonist un-relatable.

You can like Naruto but in my opinion, in Shippuden the series lost the meaning it originally wanted to convey: that hard work can beat natural talent. 

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