The Best Quotes From Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

saekano how to raise a boring girlfriend anime wallpaper

Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend quotes taken from characters:

  • Megumi Kato.
  • Tomoya Aki.
  • Eriri Spencer.
  • Utaha Kasumigaoka.
  • Michiru Hyoda.
  • Izumi Hashima.

Saekano is the type of anime that knows how to draw your attention with its title. And is able to deliver on its promise.

If you’re here for a solid list of quotes from the anime, this is the best you’ll get.

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1. Tomoya Aki Quotes

Tomoya Aki quotes

“OTAKU must not disappoint the 2D; the manufacturer also must not let the believers down.” – Tomoya Aki


Tomoya Aki quotes 1

“When an Otaku goes all-out with his mind set on something you better not underestimate him.” – Tomoya Aki


Tomoya Aki quotes 2

“You’re the idiot. 3D girls are way too much trouble. The first is “the most beautiful girl in school”, which is a dating sim trope that doesn’t exist in reality. The second is having two of the “most beautiful girl in school” is contradictory. And the third is the wildly mistaken notion that a 2D-only otaku like me could possibly have a 3D girlfriend.” – Tomoya Aki


Tomoya Aki quotes 3

“They’re human beings who are more appealing that real girls with warm blood flowing through their veins! That’s what you have to be!” – Tomoya Aki


2. Megumi Kato Quotes

Megumi Kato quotes

“It’s not like I want something like a confession. I’m fine with a chance to fall in love, just a little. I just want simple, casual words. Words that can make one say, “ah, so I could fall in love just like that.” – Megumi Kato


3. Eriri Spencer Quotes

Eriri Spencer quotes

“If there were 48 hours per day, I’d be making a 48-page offset print book.” – Eriri Spencer


Eriri Spencer quotes 1

“Sketching a scene as you see it gives you a sense of being there, that’s totally different from painting a copy of a photograph.” – Eriri Spencer


4. Utaha Kasumigaoka Quotes

Utaha Kasumigaoka quotes

“I just want to live each day sleeping, reading and writing. There are other things I want to do but I can do those all while I sleep.” – Utaha Kasumigaoka


5. Michiru Hyoda Quotes

Michiru Hyodo quotes

“I’m just gonna have tons of fun now so that I can have all the great memories!” – Michiru Hyoda


6. Izumi Hashima Quotes

Izumi Hashima quotes

“I want to get better and better at my illustrations. I want people to feel moved. And.. I want to beat that person” – Izumi Hashima


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