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The Ultimate List Of Quotes From “The Rising Of The Shield Hero”

The Rising Of The Shield Hero quotes, taken from characters:

  • Raphtalia.
  • Fitoria.
  • Erhard.
  • Malty S Melromarc.
  • Naofumi Iwatani.
  • Melty Q Melromarc.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero is an anime series with character.

It’s a welcome addition to the Isekai genre.

Originally adapted from a light novel, this anime has meaningful episodes, characters, life lessons and more from the moment the 1st episode begins.

This is why the quotes shine, and can give you something that will motivate or help you relate!

Let’s get into those quotes.


The Rising Of The Shield Hero Quotes (Ultimate List):


1. Naofumi Iwatani Quotes

naofumi iwatani quotes |

“I see. Joining me was just a ruse to destroy me right here. It was all a lie! The smiles she showed me, and her acts of kindness, were all fake!” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 1 |

“Also, feel free to tell people about me. Tell them that any trader who messes with me will end up with bite marks all over.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 2 |

“Shall I focus the attacks on your face and your crotch? I’m a cowardly cheat, after all!” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 3 |

“If I can’t win anyway, I might as well make you as miserable as I can.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 4 |

“I’m really weak you see, I don’t have a second to waste.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 5 |

“I could sit tight and watch you morons become monster feed. That doesn’t sound too bad!” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 6 |

“Compared to you a gold coin means nothing.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 7 |

“My name was being cleared in the public eye, and yet my heart didn’t feel the least bit lighter.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 8 |

“With no need to work part-time, I got to enjoy an idyllic Otaku life. That said, I certainly wasn’t one of your so-called shut-ins. When I’d run out of money to spend, I’d go to the library to browse through my light novels. I was a completely run-of-the-mill Otaku leading a completely ordinary life… but it all changed when I picked up this book.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 9 |

“I shall handle the waves my way then. Get off me already.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 10 |

“This is what you wanted right? You can shove it up your a*s.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 11 |

“Because I’m the shield hero, because I’m weak they’re trying to knock me down to make themselves look better. Disgusting.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 12 |

“I’ve gained more important things thanks to becoming the shield hero. Wherever the waves go I’ll go with my friends.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 13 |

“I’ve never heard of a hero who abandons a child to run away.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 14 |

“Abandoning her and running away is an option. But she believed in me. I …don’t want to betray someone who placed their trust in me. I did make her a promise.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 15 |

“I’d rather have money than words.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 16 |

“Uh, I’m pretty sure a shield is more like armor than a weapon. And where’s the heroine, anyway? I don’t think it’s this princess. She seems kinda sl*tty.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 17 |

“I have to grow stronger… along with the people who believe in me, and I’ll protect them, come what may!” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 18 |

“The shield’s role would be to thwart enemy attacks and defend the party, right? And while my life back home was devoid of romance, I might just meet the one here. It’ll be fine. I’ve been summoned to another world, after all. Even if I’m weak, things will work out. All right, I’m gonna give it my all!” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 19 |

“Didn’t I swear to protect Raphtalia, Filo, And all the villagers?” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 20 |

“You attack and I defend. That way, neither of us will die.” – Naofumi Iwatani


naofumi iwatani quotes 21 |

“Listen Raphtalia. Take that thing out here and now. If you fight and make me stronger, we can fend off the waves of Catastrophe and prevent that tragedy from reoccurring. Your parents won’t ever come back. But we can prevent other kids from going through what you did. And all I’m capable of is making sure you can fight as best as you can.” – Naofumi Iwatani


2. Raphtalia Quotes

raphtalia quotes |

“What the hell are you people standing around for? Naofumi-sama is fighting in our place! That’s right, if only I weren’t so useless..If i only were stronger… I wouldn’t have to put him through this. You have the power, so why won’t you fight? How can you call yourselves the world’s heroes like that?” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 1 |

“I know you better than anyone else in this world. I know how kind you are. So even if the whole world speaks ill of you, I’ll tell them they’re wrong. I’ll tell them again and again that you’re a wonderful person. You’re the one who saved my life, gave me a sword, and showed me my purpose in life. I am your sword. I will follow you through fire and brimstone.” Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 2 |

“What kind of knight neglects the people he’s meant to defend?” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 3 |

“Naofumi-sama..Well, I just want to say…I’m truly grateful I met you. You cured my illness and fed me warm meals. You taught me how to live. And you gave me a reason to fight…a reason to fight the waves. I am your sword! Where you go, I will go with you.” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 4 |

“I mean sure I’m still an unreliable kid who cries at the drop of a hat. I may even be a burden. But please let me stand by your side. I need you Naofumi-Sama.” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 5 |

“I’m happy that we’re staying in a hot springs inn, but Filo’s being too clingy with Naofumi-sama. I want to be clingy with him too!” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 6 |

“I am Naofumi-sama’s sword. None may disrespect him in my presence.” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 7 |

“Did you do this knowing Naofumi-sama was here?! Depending on your answer, I’ll have your head!” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 8 |

“Naofumi-Sama. Don’t ever die. Please don’t leave me alone.” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 9 |

“Naofumi Sama.. You won’t leave me, right? I can’t imagine a world without you.” – Raphtalia


raphtalia quotes 10 |

“Even if you can’t trust anyone anymore, I trust you.” – Raphtalia


3. Malty S Melromarc Quotes

malty s melromarc quotes |

“Would you allow me to join the Shield Hero?” – Malty S Melromarc


malty s melromarc quotes 1 |

“Ladies and gentleman, I declare this an official duel between the Spear Hero and the Shield Hero, with the authority vested in me by the crown!” – Malty S Melromarc


4. Erhard Quotes

erhard shield hero quotes |

“Another young girl? You really are a lolicon, huh?” – Erhard


5. Melty Q Melromarc Quotes

melty q melromarc quotes |

“It’s been far too long…sister. Please don’t think your or the hero’s privilege can cover up this mess. Spear Hero…look around you. Who would call a man that puts lives at risk a hero?” – Melty Q Melromarc


6. Fitoria Quotes

fitoria sheild hero quotes |

“That won’t solve a thing. Talk it out. As much as humans and demi-humans might hate each other, it is unacceptable for heroes to be fighting.” – Fitoria


fitoria sheild hero quotes 1 |

“If you don’t tell them you’re wrong, you’re basically admitting your guilt.” – Fitoria

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