The Biggest List Of “The Devil Is A Part Timer” Quotes That Are Meaningful

the devil is a part timer anime wallpaper

The Devil Is A Part Timer quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Sadao Maou (Satan).
  • Chiho Sasaki.
  • Emi Yusa (Hero Amelia).
  • Hanzo Urushihara (Lucifer).
  • Sarue Mitsuki.

The Devil Is A Part Timer is a funny but clever anime series with a creative plot and theme.

Even though the anime is mostly about its comedy aspects, it still manages to slip in some relevant, and sometimes relatable quotes you can take something from.

In this post we’ll focus on that.

Here are the best quotes. Taken from the best characters in The Devil Is A Part Timer.


1. Sarue Mitsuki Quotes

Sarue Mitsuki quotes

“No matter what troubles you shoulder, remember that in time… things will change. You shouldn’t blame yourself when things don’t go your way.” – Sarue Mitsuki


2. Chiho Sasaki Quotes

Chiho Sasaki quotes

“I fell for you out of my own free will. So If I ever fall out of love… that’ll be my own decision too.” – Chiho Sasaki


3. Hanzo Urushihara Quotes

Hanzo Urushihara quotes

“Laziness is such an ugly word. I prefer selective participation.” – Hanzo Urushihara


4. Emi Yusa Quotes

emi yusa quotes

“The peaceful world I’m fighting for is one where everyone has a smile on their face, not one where I have to pretend I didn’t see you make my friend cry. I don’t think that kind of peace is worth fighting for. And I don’t think it’s worth making sacrifices to achieve it.” – Emi Yusa


Emi Yusa quotes 1

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do.” – Emi Yusa


5. Sadao Maou Quotes

Sadao Maou quotes

“If you feel the ends justify the means, how does that make you different from us demons, exactly?” – Sadao Maou


Sadao Maou quotes 1

“Shut-up you! Helping Ashiya comes first.” – Sadao Maou


Sadao Maou quotes 2

“Careless is the greatest enemy.” – Sadao Maou


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