The 11+ Greatest Assassins Pride Quotes For Anime Fans

Assassins Pride Anime Wallpaper
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Assassins Pride quotes taken from characters:

  • Kufa Vampir.
  • Melida Angel.
  • Elise Angel.

Assassins Pride is a fantasy series adapted from a light novel. Made back in fall 2019.

It’s about the challenges faced between the main characters because of the lifestyle they chose to lead, after getting to know each other.

Here’s the best quotes the anime has to offer.


1. Kufa Vampir Quotes

kufa vampir quotes

“No one has ever accepted me when I look as I do now. It frightens me when you look at me the way you do now.” – Kufa Vampir


kufa vampir quotes 1

“Even if the whole world harbors suspicions about you, I alone will stand by you.” – Kufa Vampir


kufa vampir quotes 2

“Just as you have entrusted your life to me, I have staked my life on you.” – Kufa Vampir


kufa vampir quotes 3

“My Little Lady, don’t make me have to kill you, okay?” – Kufa Vampir


2. Melida Angel Quotes

melida angel quotes

“Your white hair. Your ears. Your nearly-translucent skin. I think they are all lovely. I admire you to the point I can’t help kissing you.” – Melida Angel


melida angel quotes 1

“When it comes to things you just can’t stand… know that I will shoulder all of that for you.” – Melida Angel


melida angel quotes 2

“Do whatever is necessary to survive, even if it means tearing the world apart.” – Melida Angel


melida angel quotes 3

“Right now, I’m still a Little lady, but one day I’ll stand by your side as a lady who’s worthy of you!” – Melida Angel


melida angel quotes 4

“No matter how the wider world might see you. I alone will always be on your side.” – Melida Angel


3. Elise Angel Quotes

elise angel quotes

“Hey Lita, why do you think I ran away from fighting you? It’s because I don’t want to know that you are weaker than me.” – Elise Angel


elise angel quotes 1

“I dislike being number one.” – Elise Angel


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