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THIS is How Long It Would Take To Watch Every Anime Series Ever Created

There are over 12,000+ anime shows to date. According to MyAnimeList!

Let’s assume each anime is 26 episodes (which they aren’t).

26 x 12,000 = 312,000 episodes.

Let’s assume each anime is 20 minutes each (quite accurate).

20 minutes x 26 episodes = 520 minutes.

520 minutes x 12,000 shows = 6240000 minutes.

6240000 minutes in years = 11 years 8 months.

Read that again.


11 years 8 months anime

You know what’s even crazier? There are anime shows as much as 200–1000+ episodes.

There are others which are 50–100+.

And at minimum there are anime that are 12–26 or 48-72.

That means the actual figure is even higher.

It would be like having no life (or being dead but alive) for the next 11+ years of your life. With no time for anything else.

Which is madness.

Or in other words — you’ll be dead before you get the chance to watch even 10–20% of every anime in existence. If we think about it in ordinary terms at least.

Especially since 100’s of shows are produced every single year.

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Realistically, you’d have to rush through a lot of anime everyday for the rest of your life (without fully absorbing the information) to expect to even reach over 5000–12,000.

But the question is: is that even worth it?

Rhetorical question because the answer is obvious.

The takeway from this post is – only watch anime you enjoy, and throw away the rest.

You only have so much time and there’s no sense in wasting it “trying” to enjoy anime you’re not into.

That time could be spent on watching anime you enjoy, or doing something else.

Source: MyAnimeList.

The official anime figure is unknown, but is somewhere between 10,000-12,000+.

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