26 Of The BEST Hidan no Aria Quotes For Anime Fans

Hidan No Aria quotes from the anime’s characters:

  • Aria H. Kanzaki.
  • Kinji Tohyama.
  • Kanade Tohyama.
  • Riko Mine.
  • Kaname Tohyama.
  • Reki.
  • Kinichi Tohyama.
  • Shirayuki Hotogi.

Hidan No Aria (Aria The Scarlet Ammo) is a supernatural series by J.C Staff, sharing similarities with Angel Beats, Shakugan No Shana and other anime.

Released back in 2011!

If you’re looking for the best anime quotes Hidan No Aria has to offer, here they are.

Let’s get started.


The Best List Of Hidan No Aria Quotes:


1. Aria H. Kanzaki Quotes

“I know I can be a little overbearing at times, but it’s for your own protection.” – Aria H. Kanzaki


“Girls aren’t a problem for you, right!? Why don’t you go out with Riko or Shirayuki!?…You’re fired! Because all you’ll do is go out and fool around with girls! So you’re no longer part of the operation! You’ll sit here in seiza until we go back hooooome!” – Aria H. Kanzaki


“What…? Fine, do whatever you want! You won’t accomplish anything anyway! Despite all our careful plans, because of you we’ll end up heading back to Japan with nothing to show for it! Is that what you want!?…Is that what you want!?” – Aria H. Kanzaki


“I’ll pump you full of holes!” – Aria H. Kanzaki


“You’re just like the rest of them. Nobody ever believes anything I say. Like, right now, I can sense that an enemy is closing in on Shirayuki. I’m not anything like my great-grandfather. I don’t have the words to explain it logically. That’s why they call me the “Defective Holmes”, the one who didn’t get the gift. But I know that I’m right this time!” – Aria H. Kanzaki

“There are three words that I absolutely despise: “tired”, “exhausted”, “impossible”. Those are the three words that keep everyone on this stupid planet from reaching their full potential. Never say any of those words in front of me again. Are we clear?” – Aria H. Kanzaki


2. Kinji Tohyama Quotes

“All I ever wanted was to have an ordinary life. I didn’t want to be noticed or even talk to anyone for that matter. I wanted to get out of my psycho school. Just because my last name, Tohyama, is famous doesn’t mean my life has to be special.” – Kinji Tohyama


“I’m a senior high school student. My grades are slightly below average, and I attend a violent school.” – Kinji Tohyama


“Don’t look this way. If I decide that you’re getting ready to fire a laser, I’ll shoot. Butei Law prohibits killing. But you’re not human, are you. Raise both of your hands slowly.” – Kinji Tohyama


“Never give up. A Butei never, ever gives up. If you don’t like the future you see, you have to fight back. Even if it means fighting me, you have to live — not knowing when to quit!” – Kinji Tohyama


“No that…it was only a threat..I’m mad, but I won’t go as far as killing you. Don’t cry. Please don’t.” – Kinji Tohyama


“The only work I hate… is that of a Butei.” – Kinji Tohyama


“This is my first time overseas! I didn’t study abroad like you!…You’re the one that’s fired! I’ll defeat Ranpan by myself.” – Kinji Tohyama


“Trust your friends and help when they need it. I put my trust in you, Aria. Now it’s time for you to put your trust in me for a change.” – Kinji Tohyama


3. Kinichi Tohyama Quotes

“Kinji, remember this. One act of greatness overshadows a life of nothingness!” – Kinichi Tohyama


4. Riko Mine Quotes

“I’m not gonna forgive you if you are killed by someone other than me!” – Riko Mine


5. Kanade Tohyama Quotes

“I have been secretive for 10 years since I was born, and I think my older brother must have no idea of ​​my existence.” – Kanade Tohyama


6. Shirayuki Hotogi Quotes

“The Hotogi Miko are protective Mikos. We have always fought for the sake of protecting. The chaos in the country, wars, and the few ‘Battles’ encountered, protecting is what we always, and always will do. And…I will burn the out the ashes that lands on Kin-chan, no matter who that person is.” – Shirayuki Hotogi


“I am Shirayuki Hotogi of SSR Department. And what about you, who are you?” – Shirayuki Hotogi


7. Reki Quotes

“Kinji as I have said before, I am yours. The loyalty of the Ulus is eternal. I will be with you wherever you go and be the person who will live and die with you.” – Reki


“In the midst of this darkness. A path of light exists–outside of the light, nothing can be seen, nothing exists. I am one who runs in the midst of that light.” – Reki


“I am a single bullet. It has no heart. Therefore, It does not think. It just flies straight towards its target.” – Reki


“The Ulus have a saying: A wolf cannot become a dog…And a dog can never become a wolf…Wolves and dogs can cross. They can even have offspring. But…A wolf is always a wolf, but a dog can never go back to being a dog. If it follows a wolf away from the safety of human habitation and migrates to the cruel forest, the dog, carrying its innate weakness, will exhaust its life…So a wolf should only spend time with another wolf.” – Reki


8. Kaname Tohyama Quotes

“Hello! I’m the cute little sister that takes care of her Onii-chan from ‘Good Morning’ until ‘Good Night’.” – Kaname Tohyama


“Little sisters are best. Nothing comes in between a brother and his younger sister. These bonds are absolute, completely unlike any other relationship with girls!” – Kaname Tohyama


“Well…I believe in you.” – Kaname Tohyama


“Thanks are illogical. That’s what a little sister is supposed to do.” – Kaname Tohyama


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