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All The Greatest Haganai Quotes Of All Time That Go Deep!

Haganai: I Don’t have Many Friends Quotes taken from these characters:

  • Kodaka Hasekawa.
  • Yozara Mikazuki.
  • Rika Shiguma.

Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends is a slice of life series that’s deeper than usual. It’s about loneliness and the struggles that come with it.

This meaningful theme bleeds into the quotes and lines from a few of the main characters.

I thought I’d share it so you can take something from it. And to jog your memory if you’re a fan of the anime.

Let’s get to it!


1. Rika Shiguma Quotes

“You don’t like being lonely, but you’re afraid of people expressing their affection towards you. You pretend not to notice. You run away. You brush it off. You cover up. You reject. You even lie to yourself, convincing yourself that no one has any feelings for you.” – Rika Shiguma


2. Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes

“Judging things based on looks alone… That’s just cruel.” – Kodaka Hasegawa


Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes 1

“It sucks to be judged just by how you look. It sucks hardcore.” – Kodaka Hasegawa


Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes 2

“For whatever reason people think if you don’t have any friends there’s something wrong with you.” – Kodaka Hasegawa


Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes 3

“Is there really such a thing? Real friends who last forever?” – Kodaka Hasegawa


Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes 4

“Having a nickname does make you feel special.” – Kodaka Hasegawa


Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes 5

“They can make fun of me, but I like my hair because it always reminds me of her.” – Kodaka Hasegawa


Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes 6

“People always jump to conclusions about stuff they know nothing about.” – Kodaka Hasegawa


Kodaka Hasegawa Quotes 7

“Try to get to know something before you start throwing around assumptions.” – Kodaka Hasegawa


3. Yozara Mikazuki Quotes

“You don’t need to make a hundred friends. Just make real friends that you care about a hundred times as much. Even if you only have one, so long as they’re a friend you really care about.” – Yozora Mikazuki


“It makes you sad when someone suddenly just up and disappears without a word. If you’re just going to end up hurt in the end, you’re better off not forming any bonds at all.” – Yozara Mikazuki


“Humans love hurting others when they can´t be hurt themselves. Like killing animals, or flaming people online. And if the target makes a mistake, it fans the flames even more, and the bully gets even more fun out of it.” – Yozora Mikazuki


“It’s not like I’m desperate to have friends, anyway. I just don’t like being looked down on as that sad person with no friends.” – Yozora Mikazuki


“It’s not a mystery. There’s nothing else I can do. I don’t know how to make friends.” – Yozora Mikazuki


“People enjoy attacking others when they know they’re not gonna get hurt in the process.” – Yozora Mikazuki


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