The Greatest Kino’s Journey Quotes That Make You Question Life A Little More

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Kino’s Journey quotes taken from the following characters:

  • Kino.
  • Hermes.

Kino’s Journey is a deep, philosophical series about traveling the world. And discovering new things.

Along the way, Kino naturally comes across interesting discoveries, which shapes her thoughts. And the quotes that come with it.

Let’s share that!


The Best List Of Kino’s Journey Quotes:


1. Kino Quotes:

kino quotes kinos journey

“If I was asked, ‘Why do you go on journeys?’ I would answer, ‘I go on journeys because I’m a traveler’.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 1

“A whale’s sigh… The dreaming shooting star… It felt like that’s what they were singing. While everything out there is changing, the sound of these insects chirping echos up to the sky. That’s what I’m listening to right now. That’s the only thing that’s for certain.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 2

“Whenever people see birds flying through the sky, it’s said that they get the urge to go on a journey.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 3

“When you’re on a journey, the most important thing is to not lose your life.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 11

“I think if you don’t test your limits, they get harder to reach.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 4

“Being able to forget things you want to forget, and being able to remember things you want to remember, is such a great thing, you know?” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 5

“One of the things I have learned through my travels is to retain my thoughts until I have solid facts.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 6

“The world is not beautiful. Therefore it is.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 7

“It’s probably a lie. The reason why I only stay for three days in any country. I’m afraid I’ll settle down, if I stay too long. Because if I settled down, I would cease to be a traveler.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 8

“The world is not beautiful; and that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 9

“Normal people don’t become authors to begin with, Hermes.” – Kino


kino quotes kinos journey 10

“It’s interesting, isn’t it? The way that when someone expresses something, someone else always shows up to interpret it.” – Kino


2. Hermes Quotes (Motorbike)

hermes quotes kinos journey

“Don’t you believe that sometimes anxiety creates nations?” – Hermes


hermes quotes kinos journey 1

“The world is constantly changing. And you can’t expect it to stay the same, even for a second. If that’s true, there’s no need for you to go on a journey, Kino. Even if you stay in one place, you’ll be able to keep experiencing the world!” – Hermes


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