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The Greatest List Of Beelzebub Quotes To Remind Anime Fans!

Beelzebub anime wallpaper
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Beelzebub anime quotes taken from characters:

  • Hidetora Tojio.
  • Hajime Kanzaki.
  • Tatsumi Oga.
  • Hildegarde.
  • Shinobu Takamiya.

Beelzebub  is a demon/comedy series produced by Perriot Plus! Released back in 2011.

The anime a respected underground series with a decent collection of quotes worth sharing.

Here are the BEST lines from the anime.


1. Hajime Kanzaki Quotes

hajime kanzaki quotes

“You can’t keep something without fighting for it.” – Hajime Kanzaki


2. Shinobu Takamiya Quotes

shinobu takamiya quotes

“In manga, there’s always a character who gets a sudden boost of power, right? Usually, it’s when they’re driven into a corner. Readers actually call it a “convenient power up”, but it actually does happen in the real world as well. We humans only truly show our mettle when we’re pushed into a corner.” – Shinobu Takamiya


shinobu takamiya quotes 1

“I said this before, Oga. We’re going to fight with everything we have. I was planning on finding out how strong you were at first, but I don’t care about that anymore. Right now, I just want to beat the shit out of you.” – Shinobu Takamiya


3. Hidetora Tojo Quotes

hidetora tojo quotes

“There’s always someone better. That’s why I can’t stop fighting.” – Hidetora Tojo


hidetora tojo quotes 1

“A world where power is everything. A world where the weak are trampled on and crushed. That’s why I… prayed to get stronger. To be strong like him.” – Hidetora Tojo


hidetora tojo quotes 2

“Fufu, this is good. I can see it in your eyes: you’re just like me. You’ve just been dying for a chance to see what you’re really made of, right? But all of the people around you, they’re all nothin’ but weaklin’s. There ain’t anybody for you to go all out against. That’s how I am! Come at me however you want!!” – Hidetora Tojo


4.  Tatsumi Oga Quotes

tatsumi oga quotes

“I ain’t lettin’ you set even one foot past here.” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 1

“Whether he comes back to me, or sticks to you… That’s… something he’ll decide for himself.” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 2

“A man shouldn’t go crying like that. People’ll think you’re weak.” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 3

“Baby Beel, real men don’t cry ‘cause of a little pain! Show it! The pride of the Demon King’s heir.” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 4

“Listen up, Baby Beel. When a man makes up his mind, he never ever changes it! You understand?” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 5

“Men are all about guts!” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 6

“A man can’t go crying so easily. Plus, you’re a Demon Lord!” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 7

“The tougher it gets, the less a man should cry. Do you know why? Because tears wash away the pain and suffering. But those emotions become weapons when you truly need them.” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 8

“Let’s do this ‘studying for a test thing.” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 9

“Listen, Baby Beel… You can’t break a man’s promise!” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 10

“Watching your friends get done in without doing something? That’s not being a man at all!” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 11

“When you want to cry, laugh it off! That’s what being a man is, got it?” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 12

“Whoever gets the best marks on this assessment test will have the perfect combination of brawn, brutality, and brains!” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 13

“To be the parent of the Demon requires being strong, brutal, and having brains!” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 14

“It’s just not manly! If you got somethin’ you wanna say, then say it loud and clear!” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 15

“Crying is the same thing as pouring all your frustrations and regrets out of your body. You may use it as a weapon, but that’s just too easy. Whenever you feel like crying, just smile instead. That’s what it means to be a man. You get it?” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 16

“I’m the only one who can deal with this guy.” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 17

“I won’t punch people! I won’t make them grovel before me! Thus, I will be what people call a super nice guy!” – Tatsumi Oga


tatsumi oga quotes 18

“A man must follow through on something once he decides it.” – Tatsumi Oga


5. Hildegarde Quotes

hildegarde quotes beelzebub

“Humans are so voracious, though. They eat everything from plants to animals… almost as if they think they are the top living creature to roam the earth. No being is more full of themselves as the humans.” – Hildegarde



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