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A Set Of 29+ Shaman King Quotes For Anime Fans Of The Series!

shaman king anime wallpaper
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Shaman King Quotes taken from characters:

  • Yoh Asakara.
  • Johann Faust VIII.
  • Hao Asakura.
  • Anna Kyoyama.
  • Tao Ren.
  • Amidamaru.
  • Ryu.
  • Chocolove Mcdonell.
  • Horohoro.
  • Manta Oyamada.
  • Ryunosuke Umemiya.

Shaman King  is about a tournament in Tokyo held every 500 years, produced by Xebec. And released back in 2002.

As an early days Shounen/action series – there are some quotes worth taking and sharing with the anime community.

Here are the best lines for anime fans.


1. Anna Kyoyama Quotes

anna kyoyama quotes

“I don’t wear these beads just to make a fashion statement. These are my spirit beads – my link to the afterlife.” – Anna Kyoyama


anna kyoyama quotes 1

“Humans only can reveal their true potential during an absolutely critical situation.” – Anna Kyoyama


anna kyoyama quotes 2

“Because I aim to be the First Lady of the shaman world… You will become Shaman King, whether you want to or not.” – Anna Kyoyama


2. Hao Asakura Quotes

hao asakura quotes

“But some people are born lucky. They lead happy lives without even trying. Ridiculous, isn’t it?” – Hao Asakura


hao asakura quotes 1

“You guys are so small.” – Hao Asakura


3. Yoh Asakura Quotes

yoh asakura quotes

“Many things can be achieved, as long as you believe in it.” – Yoh Asakura


yoh asakura quotes 1

“No one can predict the future, so it’s pointless to fear the unknown.” – Yoh Asakura


yoh asakura quotes 2

“If you run from the heat, you’re making it worse! But if you stand up to it, you’ll live happily!” – Yoh Asakura


yoh asakura quotes 3

“The easiest way to test a person’s real ability is under extreme conditions. Therefore, it’s appropriate to choose the Shaman King through fighting.” – Yoh Asakura


yoh asakura quotes 4

“Don’t worry, it’ll work out somehow.” – Yoh Asakura


yoh asakura quotes 5

“Enjoying life is important to everyone.” – Yoh Asakura


yoh asakura quotes 6

“There is no sense in worrying about something you cannot control, so why bother?” – Yoh Asakura


4. Johann Faust VIII Quotes

johann faust VIII quotes

“Let’s see what kind of heart you have!” – Johann Faust VIII


johann faust VIII quotes 1

“How rude! You knocked his block off, and you didn’t even have the courtesy to yell ‘Heads up.” – Johann Faust VIII


johann faust VIII quotes 2

“Pleased to meet you. I am your opponent for today’s match, Faust VIII. Please go easy on me.” – Johann Faust VIII


johann faust VIII quotes 3

“And now it’s time for formal introductions. Eliza, my darling, meet Yoh Asakura. Yoh Asakura, meet your doom!” – Johann Faust VIII


5. Tao Ren Quotes

tao ren quotes

“Your friend thinks he can win the prize crown, but he has no hope whatsoever. He is a mere shadow of a true shaman and he will be the first in a long line to perish in my hands.” – Tao Ren


tao ren quotes 1

“I’m in a bad mood right now. Get out.. if you don’t want to die.” – Tao Ren


tao ren quotes 2

“Look at her! Because she hasn’t got any boyfriends around she fawns all over her guardian ghost.” – Tao Ren


6. Horohoro Quotes

horohoro quotes shaman king

“What are you talking about, Ryu?! That’s no damsel, that’s a dude!” Horohoro


7. Manta Oyamada Quotes

manta oyamada quotes

“Why does he always seem so carefree? He doesn’t study… He listens to his favorite music… He even watches the rivers and stars! I wish I could live like that.” – Manta Oyamada


manta oyamada quotes 1

“That was the sound of the last train back to my house. And once again, I missed it. Our English class always gets out late on Tuesdays, so I have to walk home. But that’s OK, because I like English. And the walk home’s not so bad. Usually.” – Manta Oyamada


manta oyamada quotes 2

“I want to continue.. being friends with Yoh.” – Manta Oyamada


manta oyamada quotes 3

“Don’t enter a mans bath like that!” – Manta Oyamada


8. Amidamaru Quotes

amidamaru quotes shaman king

“The smell of death you emit cannot be hidden no matter how hard you try.” – Amidamaru


amidamaru quotes shaman king 1

“I will stay by your side, my friend. Know that I am here, and that I am sorry. I am sorry that… I failed you. After waiting 600 years I made a beginner’s mistake. I underestimated my enemy.” – Amidamaru


9. Chocolove Mcdonell Quotes

Chocolove Mcdonell quotes shaman king

“I’m never gonna stand by… and watch anybody get killed again.” – Chocolove Mcdonell


10. Ryunosuke Umemiya Quotes

umemiya ryunosuke quotes 1

“Boys, am I not always telling you to get in touch with your feelings, your inner gangster? Okay, actually I don’t care about your feelings, never did, never will.” – Ryunosuke Umemiya


umemiya ryunosuke quotes

“When you get a piece of Ryu you get the whole pie!” – Ryunosuke Umemiya


Featured image source: WPC


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