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11+ Of The Best D.N Angel Quotes For Fans Of The Anime

d.n. angel wallpaper anime
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D.N. Angel quotes taken from characters:

  • Riku Harada.
  • Risa Harada.
  • Masahiro Sekimoto.
  • Argentine.
  • Krad.

D.N. Angel  is anime series made back in 2003. Produced by Xebec.

This Shoujo/action series is one of the early influences for anime of today.

If you’re looking for the best quotes taken from the anime, this list is all you’ll need.

Let’s get started.


1. Argentine Quotes

argentine quotes dn angel

“He told me…that which is incomplete seeks completion… yet…that which is incomplete is no better than that which is complete. Do you understand?” – Argentine


argentine quotes dn angel 1

“Are you, what they call, a heart?” – Argentine


argentine quotes dn angel 2

“You’ll break. Humans are so fragile.” – Argentine


2. Krad Quotes

krad quotes dn angel

“Risa is a b*tch.” – Krad


krad quotes dn angel 1

“My name is Krad. But you do not have to remember it, because here you will die.” – Krad


3. Risa Harada Quotes

risa harada quotes dn angel

“At least I’m the cute one!” – Risa Harada


risa harada quotes dn angel 1

“I can’t lose to my older sister! Right now she’s ahead of me by 2 millimeters in chest size!” – Risa Harada


4. Riku Harada Quotes

riku harada quotes dn angel

“Mom, dad, Risa became a delinquent!” – Riku Harada


riku harada quotes dn angel 1

“He wouldn’t notice if I got a crew cut, shaved my head bald, or even grew an afro!” – Riku Harada


5. Masahiro Sekimoto Quotes


“I’m scared to go over there!” – Masahiro


masahiro sekimoto quotes dn angel

“His stupidity is 50% above normal levels.” – Massahiro


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