32+ Of The Cutest Anime Hand Holding Moments To Warm Your Heart

Anime Couple Hand Holding Hatsune Miku

Anime hand holding is a culture at this point. It’s sarcastically called “lewd” by many anime fans when making memes or joking about hand holding whenever people see it.

There’s a couple of good reasons why “hand holding” is a big part of anime culture:

  • It’s wholesome as F.
  • It’s heartwarming.
  • It’s enough to make you feel at ease.
  • It triggers emotions you have for your real girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • It can inspire you to pursue this action in the real world with someone close to you.

And most of all – it feels good just watching it take place. It’s one of the nicest things about anime regardless of romance.

Here’s a list of cute anime hand holding images/GIFS to make your day.


Hand Holding Moments in Anime:


yuri hand holding anime


anime hand holding plastic memories


servant x service hand holding anime


servant x service hand holding


anime hand holding sunset


romance anime hand holding


aesthetic hand holding anime


anime hand holding 2021


the devil is a part timer hand holding


hand holding cute anime


chuunibyou hand holding


hand holding scenery anime


hand holding walking anime


monogatari hand holding


hand holding grab gif anime


hand holding kawaii


my little sister cant be this cute hand holding


lewd hand holding gif anime funny.gif


hand holding uncensored anime


hand holding touch anime


hand holding screenshot anime


hand holding screenshot anime cute


censored hand holding anime


horimiya hand holding e1652706041704


horimiya hand holding gif anime


horimiya wholesome hand holding


horimiya hand holding arm grab


horimiya hand holding walk cute


cute hand holding kawaii


anime hand hold gif


anime hand hold fireworks


sao hand holding


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When all is said and done, hand holding in anime will always be wholesome because of what it represents, the insignificance of it, and how well put together these scenes usually are.

It’s one of the pinnacles of romance anime and a major highlight in a couple or soon to be couple’s relationship.

It’s one of those cliches fans will never get bored of and will always welcome with open arms.

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