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Top 25 Countries Of All Time Where Light Novels Are Most Famous!

Light Novels are a beast of their own in the connected anime and manga industry.

Shows like:

  • A Certain Magical Index (the biggest light novel ever).
  • Classroom Of The Elite.
  • Shield Hero.
  • Sword Art Online.
  • Tensei Slime.
  • Ascendance Of A Bookworm.

And many others dominate alone and do even better once adapted, going on to sell millions.

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In this post, we’ll talk about the countries where light Novels are most famous, appreciated, desired, and searched for on the internet.

The timeline we’ll use is since 2004, which gives us a lot of data and accuracy that’s proven itself with time.

Results are taken from Google Trends.

Let’s get into the list of countries, some of which may surprise you and others not so much (like #1).


25 countries who love light novels the most:


1. Japan

Japanese Flag Japan


2. Taiwan

Taiwan Flags


3.  Phillippines

Philippines Flag Country


4. Kyrgyzstan

kyrgyzstan |


5. Vietnam



6. Kazakhstan

kazakhstan |


7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Flag’


8. South Korea

Republic Of South Korea Flag



9. Singapore

singapore flag medium


10. Indonesia

indonesia flag medium


11. Belarus

Flag of Belarus


12. Russia



13. Malaysia

1920px Flag of Malaysia.svg


14. Ukraine

Ukraine Flag (1)


15. Peru



16. Bolivia

bolivia flag red yellow green


17. Chile

chile flag medium


18. Ecuador

ecuador flag medium


19. Mexico



20. Venezuela

Venezuela flag


21. Bangladesh

Bangladesh flag


22. Thailand

thailand flag medium


23. China

China flag


24. Canada

canada flag logo


25. New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand


Honourable Mentions:

  • Australia
  • Nigeria.
  • United States.
  • Colombia.
  • Argentina.

light novels map |

This is the first kind of post I’ve done on light novels, their popularity, which countries like them the most, and where online it’s most popular as far as residence.

Japan being number 1 isn’t surprising. Seeing Taiwan so high definitely was surprising.

Same for countries like Russia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, and some others. This shows the light novel audience is slightly different compared to the anime audience in particular (as far as countries).

Anime Motivation rankings listicle format 2 |

Stay tuned for more in the future.


Sources: G Trends

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